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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rainy Day

Not much to write about, just another rainy day. Actually we had some serious storms roll through around dawn, but I slept through it all. Fortunately there was no damage in the city, or my neighborhood due to the high winds.

Rambo is lying in my lap; I've learned to type around him!

I now have three novels at for the Kindle e-reader. I may put a couple more there when I'm finished editing. Decided might as well offer those at a very low price,  99 cents, or free if you are a member of Amazon Prime. And they should also be available for lending via that website. Better than keeping the novels on my hard-drive. There's a link in the right side-bar.

I still haven't finalized my pre-planning for a memorial; the lady I'd been working with had to have emergency gallbladder surgery...and now she's come down with shingles! I'm not in a hurry though because I haven't settled an issue at the cemetery where I want my and late husband's ashes buried. I'm in the process of working that out with the care-taker; the cemetery land was given by my great-uncle, with the stipulation any family members could have free plots. I'd like our ashes put beside my grandmother, and maybe just a small flat stone with our names & birth/death dates.

What else? Nice visit with my sister and brother-in-law on Monday. While he went to the golf course, we drove to that cemetery and talked with the care-taker. I drove my car, and on the way home, turned on the air conditioner. It had been blowing cool air, but not getting cold. Anyhow, after a few miles we smelled something like burning rubber! I shut off the air conditioner, and it stopped. Brother-in-law looked under the hood later, and said he thinks the air conditioner compressor is shot. It'd cost a lot to replace, so I'm considering trading the car in on a newer model. I've been looking at the Toyota Prius, seriously interested. Just so I find another car before hot weather starts -- which could be as early as March here. Sigh.

I'll close with one of my favorite quotes about art/artists:

It's a love that can never be satisfied, more like a yearning. Addressing a powerful & constant state of yearning that torments, yet artists love that torment. Need it. Because they understand that being able to feel this yearning so exquisitely is a secret strength. This is the power of the artist.

If you are an artist you learn how to trap the yearning & put it where you want it, put  it where it goes. That's the secret all true artists come to know.

That is the redemptive power of art. It can make something haunting and beautiful out of something that, in real life, was painful and degrading.

--From "The Finishing School" By Gail Godwin


Lori Skoog said...

Thank you for finding my Journal and leaving such a sweet comment. I'll be checking back in to read more of your posts!

Stacy Horn said...

Hey, congratulations on getting your ebooks up on Amazon. I want to experiment with ebooks myself. Except I need to get a Kindle first.