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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How I'd like to be remembered

A writing prompt I had to give serious consideration. Indeed, how would YOU like to be remembered once you are no longer among the living?

This morning as I was out on the sun-porch taking care of my two older cats, it suddenly hit me: I'd like to be remembered as someone who had a passion for pets. Cats & dogs specifically, but not limited to those. I think, honestly, that we humans eradicate the natural environments of animals to our peril; they all have a worthwhile place in our natural world.

I also think there is a special place in hell (if there is a hell) for those who have tortured animals in the name of "science." It's like comparing apples & oranges (animal biology to human biology), doesn't work. Should aliens ever visit earth, they might very well use humans as we use animals -- and does anyone really want that to happen?

And how I'd like to be remembered?

For being an empathetic, compassionate human being who could "walk a mile in another's shoes" -- and feel the pain of a suffering animal or fellow human being.

Writing? Yes, I'd like to know someone somewhere benefited from my empathy, my compassion in what I've written through the years. I've never been a teacher, rather a writer who conveys meaning via stories/poetry/articles. If a reader learns something, great; if not, at least they should be entertained.

I loved reading as a child, and learned from everything I've ever read -- whether fiction (amazing how facts in fiction can teach)...or straight factual articles.

Last night I watched an old movie I'd not seen since the 70s: The Panic in Needle Park. It was as excellent as I remembered it -- though if you have a problem with ambiguous endings, you won't be pleased. Al Pacino was a mere child (joking, but he was very young!), and it's easy to see why he went on to become an all-time great actor.

I also gave the dogs a bath yesterday after returning from the park. Today I walked them in the neighborhood, but not too far. Sunshine is nice, but the wind has a chill. Might get freezing rain tonight/early morning. Hope not...can do without the traffic snarls.

I am getting a head cold, though I think it's just a mild one. Woke up with stuffy nose, sneezing and achy bones. Ugh. Feel weird this afternoon, that strange pall over everything and head-achy, tired. Sigh.

Off to lie down and rest while reading a novel on my tablet.

I'll end with this tidbit by Allen Ginsberg:


has happened

the world.
on the edge,

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