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Friday, January 25, 2013

Quest for Destiny, my e-novel

Just a brief post today to announce my e-book on I'd had it ready for a couple months, just hadn't actually hit the "publish" button. I went over and over and over the manuscript, editing, checking for errors, etc. While I cannot say it's perfect, it's as near as I can get it.

Here's a description of "Quest for Destiny":
Set in a fictional area near the picturesque, historic Cades Cove region of the Smoky Mountains in the 1980s, this romantic suspense novel centers around the theme of reincarnated lovers from the American Civil War Era. The male character has been regressed by hypnosis, knows the past tragic history; he is seeking the woman who has been reborn in this lifetime as his soul mate. When he finds her, the two begin a beautiful romance only to learn they are being plunged back into almost the same dangerous fate that once took their lives prematurely in another time and place. 

Direct link: Quest for Destiny  

I wrote that novel in the 80s. It was published in the late 90s by a small e-book publisher and available at Barnes & Noble online store. However, the publisher eventually went out of business and I retained copyright. I had many reader comments back then, mostly women who compared it to a romance series by a major publishing house. I suppose I should have sent the manuscript to agents, but my strong suit was never trying to get published! 

No rain here yet. Overcast, dreary but dry. I went to grocery store early, picked up some food items. My low back is killing me today; I must have strained it somehow, will take time to get back to normal. No dog walk. Sigh.

Finally a couple quotes about writing:

"...Not listen  to the didactic statements of the author, but to the low, calling cries of the characters, as they wander in the dark woods of their destiny." --D.H. Lawrence

"Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write...can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic and fear inherent in the human condition."  --Graham Green

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