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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Small living space

For various reasons, I've not updated in quite awhile. I'm immersed in doing research, which tends to occupy my thinking -- even when I'm busy with physical labor/exercise, etc.

My research is focused on living in foreign countries. I don't want to elaborate on exactly why I'm doing this research, but all will be revealed in due time here.

I'm mostly focused on England, Ireland and Australia. However, in browsing around YouTube I often come across interesting videos that strikes me as educational for Americans.

I wanted to post a video in comparison to how we Americans live large. So many other people in foreign countries have learned how to adapt to small living space. My own home is modest by most American standards: 2 bedrooms, 1 small bath, living room and combo den/kitchen. It is entirely enough space, and I have never understood why only one or two people need extravagant houses. It is just more upkeep, maintenance expense and work all around. Keeping a small space neat & tidy, decluttered, is possibly why a lot of Americans can't imagine it. We have entirely too much useless stuff as evidenced by a TLC program entitled, "Hoarders" about people who are living in piles of filth because they can't part with stuff.

Here's the video of a Japanese apartment in Tokyo:

And here's a video from the show, Hoarders:

I am waiting for the handyman to call me back with an estimate for some necessary work around this place. Ah, more maintenance expense! Sigh.