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Monday, September 24, 2007

Long time...looooong time, no entry

Sorry folks (for the few who still read my blog) for seeming to have disappeared into the ether. I'm actually still alive and kicking (LOL, Saturday Night Live lady 'fifty & fabulous' ringing in my ears)...but so busy I can hardly see straight.

I LOVE my job, being the Lifestyle editor. I've finally, finally, finally MASTERED pagination (designing newspaper pages) and though I'm a tad slow, I CAN do it. A couple weeks ago, I designed the ENTIRE lifestyle pages alone. Not bad for an old lady!

Maybe I'll get more creative now with design, since I have the "basics" mastered. I hope so.

The writing continues. At times I feel it is overwhelming, but then I remind myself that, hey, in my heyday of doing creative writing (fiction) I was polishing off entire NOVELS in a mere three months. How bad can daily 300-600 word articles be? Even IF I'm shooting them out daily, constantly -- all kinds and styles?

Stressful at times, I admit. But I'm not a quitter, or I wouldn't be here now, would I?

Soooooo, just to say...I'm hanging in and hanging on. For now.