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Friday, February 22, 2008

Making progress

I have spent the last few weeks making some progress in getting various tasks accomplished around here. Things I'd put off while working, and hope to have it all finished in early spring. Then I'll probably start looking for a part-time position or volunteer work -- something to get me out of the house occasionally.

My cat, Princess, is home after being groomed/shaved. She is a peki-persian and has to be shaved down occasionally. Really hates it, but has to be done.

My next project is getting plantation shutters ordered/installed in my living room windows. I detest having to take care of curtains, and the shutters will take care of that problem, permanently.

Otherwise, we've had lots and lots of rain, hopefully helping alleviate the terrible drought conditions here in the Southeast. Today is still overcast, but I'm about to take the dogs on a walk, since the rain has stopped.

And that's a brief update!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What's going on with me?

This song says it all, just substitute HE for SHE:

Glenn Frey
I Found Somebody

I never thought it could happen
It was the furthest thing from my mind
I just turned my back on a sad love affair
Was try'n' to leave it all behind
That's when I met you
I just couldn't say no
One look in your eyes
And I said here I go
I found somebody
I found somebody to love
I found somebody
I found somebody to love

I'd seen so much deceivin'
I almost stopped believin'
I'd ever fall in love again
I was runnin' around hidin' my heart
Fakin' it with all of my friends
I was down on my luck
That's when you came along
You put me back on my feet
You got me singin' this song

I found somebody
I found somebody to love
I found somebody
I found somebody to love
And she loves me in the midnight hour

You know ever since I found you
And put my arms around you
I don't need a doggone thing
You know that ev'ry day is such a beautiful day
I want the whole world to dance and sing
So don't you dare hang your head
Don't you dare be blue
If it can happen to me
It can happen to you

And you'll be singin' this song
I found somebody
I found somebody to love
I found somebody
I found somebody to love

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Update

Not much improvement with sister's mother-in-law: she's out of ICU, moving into Hospice care. But not expected to live over two weeks. The doctors decided they need the "bed" for other patients in ICU -- and this will happen again if she doesn't die soon enough. She'll be ejected into the nursing home, where no doubt, she'll die. And that is why the book, "How We Die" by Dr. Nuland is such a relevant book for today's society. Do yourself a favor and read it: How We Die

In the meantime, has anyone noticed the Oprah conglomerate has begun an almost "religious" movement in that all her shows/magazines/network seems to be ONLY good/inspirational? Sure, we need some good news and uplifting stories occasionally, but her stuff has got so sickeningly "it's all good," that I can't watch it any longer. What is she thinking?

I'm researching an article for a national magazine, and for once, it's a gritty, realistic piece. It might include travel of an unconventional sort, but most of this is in the negotiation stage right now. Time will tell.

Otherwise, life is peaceful and quiet: I keep on keeping on.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday afternoon

Just an update with the latest news: sister's mother-in-law came through the surgery, but is still in ICU. Her kidneys aren't functioning, and either she'll have to have dialysis or die. At this point, she's off the ventilator and says she doesn't want dialysis -- and she's in a lot of pain. Fortunately she has a living will, and has at least a right to "choose."

Meanwhile, I've spent some time with sister at the ICU waiting room the past couple of days. I HATE hospitals, period. They do have a room for ICU patient families and sister/brother-in-law got one so they can get some sleep at night. Witnessing what they are going through reminds me that DH was lucky he didn't have to suffer through a pointless medical escapade that would, in the end, have been futile. We also both had living wills, and I still have mine. Sometimes it is more humane to end suffering by ceasing so-called "treatment" that is more torturous than any person should be expected to bear. Especially when it's hopeless and pointless, with the end result sure to be death anyway.

I just don't believe that any life, especially an agonizing, painful existence, is better than NO life. Unfortunately it's all too easy to find oneself in such a position, UNLESS, you take action before ending up in an ICU strapped to machines that torture you and FORCE you to stay alive. Suicide is a viable alternative, if one sees this kind of approaching illness event (terminal cancer, end-stage cancer, and many other elderly incurable diseases). Just make sure you keep your plans to yourself, otherwise you could end up in the loony bin with a bunch of 'right to life' folks deciding THEY know what's best for YOU.

And that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.