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Monday, March 01, 2010

Welcome March!

It's great that February is now in my rear view mirror; I hate that month for many reasons, but mostly due to the several personal deaths/tragedies that have occurred in February.

March is always a welcome time, a preview of spring, and hope for rebirth, renewal and optimism. It may come in like a lion though, since there's a possibility of snow flurries tomorrow. But by next weekend, we're predicted to have high 60s, clear skies, sunshine. Oh joy!

This past weekend was also mild, sunny and I puttered in my garden space, planted a few more tiny cedars/pines discovered along creek banks on walks with my dogs. Oscar slipped out the open backyard gate, but returned within two hours. I called him real loud occasionally, but did not go look for him. He knows the neighborhood because of our rambling walks, which is a good reason to familiarize your pups with the local neighborhood surrounding your location.

What else? I guess I'm a fool, but I'm still hoping some genuine health care reform will be passed (one way or another) before month's end. Or at least by the end of April. I do think President Obama and the majority of Democratic congress should get this done, regardless of losing their seats in the fall elections. The democrats are likely to lose the majority anyway; if they want to leave a lasting positive legacy, they need to get the reform accomplished soon. In the meantime, people are falling sick, losing their jobs/health insurance, going bankrupt due to medical bills and, yes, dying. Pitiful. I believe if there is a hell, the medical insurance lobbyists/CEOs will get one of the front row seats right over that burning pit of fire.

Of course, the natural disasters just keep coming -- no end in sight. Chile looks devastated, and suddenly Haiti has disappeared from the media news. Who knows what is next? However, it seems ominous to me that with all the recent serious earthquakes rearranging fault-lines, one is long overdue in California. When shifting of this magnitude happens, it affects more than just the regional area...but I sure hope I'm wrong on that.

The only bad aspect of spring here (other than ramping up my sinus issues) is the ever-present threat of tornadoes. My paternal grandparents wonderful, big old farmhouse was utterly destroyed in April of 1974 (fortunately they were in the storm cellar, unharmed); it was a tragic loss for me, since I thought of that house as my real home. We take tornado warnings seriously, but I don't have a shelter -- live within a few blocks of one at the courthouse though.

I bought a tiny laser light for the cats earlier today, but when I put the batteries in, I focused the light near my dogs. It was hilarious to watch them chase that light, finally erupting in a fight over it. Had to break it up, but was surprised they seemed to have as much fun as the cats do with it!

Still waiting to hear whether buyers of my other house have gotten their loan approved. Getting a bit nervous, and may call the realtor tomorrow afternoon if she doesn't call me. If something falls through, she needs to start showing my house again -- those credit/rebates are over by the end of April!

With that, I'm outta here for today.