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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Whoo, I think I smell a whiff of Viet Nam in this article:

US Preparing for Military Draft in Spring 2005 : Vancouver Indymedia

I've repeatedly read reports on the internet that Dubya is planning a draft as soon as re-elected. Who knows if it's true or not? I wouldn't bet on it NOT being true.

Hey, all you kids, get ready to be shipped off against your will to fight in the "war on terrorism." And it will be a never-ending war, for in the words of the famous Russian General: "Terrorist are like cockroaches; you kill one over here, a dozen spring up over there." What's amusing is reading some of the responses to a possible draft; kids just HATE the mere idea of it. Some are apparently even willing to claim they are gay just to get out of a draft. But I have a feeling that will NOT be an acceptable excuse. :-)

Also today there is this news story: Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops This is an AP top story, so it does look a bit like a draft is blowing in the wind....because sooner or later, the U.S. is going to exhaust all the reserves and volunteer armed forces.

Guess a draft is one way to reduce the over-populated world though, huh?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I took some digital pictures earlier, and will post those at the end of this entry. Self-explanatory, I think.

DH is still not feeling great and he's had a few very bad days with the kidney infection. But, at least NOW he has a new appreciation for MY suffering when I was laid up with the same thing. I've had kidney infection so many times I've lost count; part of the problem with cystinuria (formation of stones).

Not much else to write about. Just wanted to post these latest pictures.

View from my backporch Posted by Hello

Old window with mirror behind it...I'd seen pictures behind old windows but never a mirror Posted by Hello

City kitty checking out the blooming catnip; she's doing fine after being spayed Posted by Hello

Bitty kitty on log near blooming catnip in backyardPosted by Hello

Backporch, not cluttered now... Posted by Hello

Wood fence beside house, a little privacy please! Posted by Hello

Our tomato plants beside the pasture fence Posted by Hello

Friday, June 25, 2004

Hmm, now this article below is interesting. Seems as if astronomers are constantly correcting themselves, and it does sort of make one wonder whether our earth might not, even at this very moment, be on the verge of extinction!? The sun has done some strange things in the past, as evidenced by this article: | Solar funk

The last paragraph is the clencher:

“We still don’t understand what’s going on in our Sun, how magnetic fields generate the 11-year solar cycle, or what caused the magnetic Maunder minimum,” Marcy said. “In particular, we don’t know how often a Sun-like star falls into a Maunder minimum, or when the next minimum will occur. It could be tomorrow.”

It's stuff like this that makes human existence a mad, mad world, no?

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Of course, smooth sailing in life couldn't last for long. DH seems to have passed a kidney stone, and now has an infection. He saw the urologist this morning, but is now home and taking antibiotics. Hopefully, he'll be okay in a few days. Hey, it could have been worse.

Soooo, I'm still researching on adoption... You know, the more I understand the issues (pro and con) I just wonder why an unplanned pregnancy doesn't end in abortion? That is what I would do, IF I was so stupid as to get pregnant and not use birth-control. Goodness, I was determined NOT to have kids when I married, and visited the GYN prior to my wedding night and got some birth-control pills. {Yeah, I was a virgin!) I AM SO GLAD THAT THERE WAS THAT OPTION, SINCE MANY, MANY WOMEN IN THE PAST DID NOT HAVE A SAFE BIRTH CONTROL ALTERNATIVE TO AN UNWANTED PREGNANCY!!!!!

At any rate, I think the article I'm writing will end with my being an advocate for "open adoption"...if there must be one. That way, there'll be no nasty surprises in the future for those who "thought" they were doing the right thing by having a child and giving it up for adoption. No obnoxious confrontations by "junior" far into the future, when you have got your life together...and NO ONE wants the youngin intruding.

Live and learn, huh?

I planted a bunch of flower seeds today, though somewhat late. Still, I think the flowers will add a nice, pretty touch to the yard here. We're having LOTS of rain today...but I did the planting during a sunny period between rain showers.

Oh, city cat is home and doing fine. I had to laugh at the vet assistant saying they had to handle her with a leash, since I TOLD them she DID NOT like being handled! She likes being petted, but oh boy, you try to do anything to her, like giving medication, etc...and she goes ballistic.

Outta here for now!

Monday, June 21, 2004

I have a few new photos posted below this entry. Over the weekend, DH and I did a few more improvements on this old house! We put up the new victiorian-style screendoor at the front entryway; added green shutters to the front of the house, and started working on renovating the old wash-house in the backyard.

The old wash-house still has the original plumbing inside, which came from the old well, still here too! At any rate, we are stripping off the peeling white paint, had to jack it up and get it back onto the cement foundation, do some repairs and will paint it soon. We bought an electric spray-painter Saturday, which should truly help speed along some of our painting projects around here!

In the pictures of the house front, you may notice fresh dirt; we're working on putting in a sidewalk. DH used the tractor to drag that original sidewalk at the rear of the house to the front; and we'll add the bricks from the old chimney he tore down to make the walk longer. One reason we wanted to preserve the sidewalk is that it has someone's initials in it, dated 1935! But we still have a good bit to get done on that yet.

I also posted a picture of the backporch, but it is somewhat cluttered right now. The small original window from the house will be used to hang where the old window was taken out, with a mirror behind it. I'm just getting started on that though. You may notice a wooden gate at the top of the steps; that is to keep the raccoons (and any stray dogs) off the porch because I feed the two outdoor cats there. There are a couple of huge, FAT racoons that wander around in our yard at night, and usually eat any cat food I leave out in the yard, so I moved it to the porch.

And as to the cat situation, Kitten is still thriving and getting into her wild playful moods. But I'm enjoying having fun with her now. Tomorrow I'm taking the city cat into the vet for a checkup, her shots and...perhaps to be spayed. I am not sure if she's ever had kittens, but I think she probably needs spaying anyway. Bitty Kitty is doing great, feeling sassy and back to killing small prey; I found two field mice dead on the porch a couple mornings ago, so she's "on duty."

I'm also doing a great deal of research about adoption, and plan to write something very soon on that topic. There's been no disturbance in my life from that lately, but I did have some good ideas to write about on that topic and thought I'd do that soon.

And that's it for today. Photos follow below...

New shutters on front of house Posted by Hello

New screendoor at front entryway Posted by Hello

Cluttered backporch...nice to have though! Posted by Hello

Wash-house renovation started Posted by Hello

Plumbing in old wash-house Posted by Hello

Wash-house plumbing from well Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Not much happening around here, so I thought I'd add this humorous little oddity for today. You can also take The Past Life Test.

Here's my results:

You were female in your last earthly incarnation.

You were born somewhere around the territory of which we now know as modern New Guinea, approximately in the year 1050.

Your main profession was: medic, surgeon, a respected healer.

A brief psychological profile of you in that past life:
You had mind of a scientist, always seeking new explanations. Others often misunderstood you, but respected your knowledge.

A lesson that your last past life wishes you to learn in your present life is: Study to practice and use wisdom, associated with psychological sciences. With strong faith and hard work you will reach your true destiny in this present life.

All things considered, not too bad. Guess that explains why I'm always torn between being a rationalist and a daydreamer! :-)

Cats are all well; Kitten is thriving, growing and playing a lot; life is...good. At least for now. Who knows that the future will bring?

Monday, June 14, 2004

I spent a busy morning: Had to take Bitty kitty to the vet to get her stitches removed. I dropped her off there, then took some DVDs back to the library, and stopped by the Salvation Army store. When finished shopping, I picked up Bitty and we came back home. It only takes 10 minutes to drive to town from our house.

The Salvation Army store moved across town, and has a much larger building now, more stuff! I needed some clothes to wear around the house, and usually can find a bunch there -- like going to a yard sale, sort of. I spent $12.50 and had all the clothes I could carry! Am I cheap? Why yes, yes I least when I can save by finding bargains.

Yesterday afternoon we went on a drive, and it was relaxing to get away from working here for awhile. If we're here, we're working on one project or another, it seems. Next weekend we're going to get three sets of green shutters for the front of the house; and also a lovely Victorian-styled screen door to put on the front doorway. I saw the screen door at Lowe's and it will really add an old-fashioned touch to the house, I think.

I haven't mentioned anything about my weight in some time, but I am staying between 98-101 pounds, and can't complain. If I get up to 101, I just cut back on calories for a day or so, not eating any sweets. I believe I could eat all I want of ANY food, except sweets, and stay around 100 lbs. I still ride the bike every afternoon, if it's not too hot. At any rate, I haven't been on a diet in almost a year now...and so far, so good.

Last night Kitten (looks like that'll be her name!) took a nap, and when she woke up, she was in a very sweet mood -- at least for a short time. :-) I snapped some pictures, and will post them below.

Being sweet for a change! Posted by Hello

Just awakened from nap Posted by Hello

I'm outta here -- have a lot of housework to do, including mopping floors now!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I've spent a nice few days, culminating in a self-indulgent time yesterday in town. I went to the library, browsed and found some good novels to read; then I went shopping at some local stores I used to shop at frequently. The heat was terrible, but I did enjoy the day.

Then late yesterday afternoon, I finally took my camera to the cemetery and got some pictures of the previous house owners' graves. I won't post all of those here, just this one of the man/wife who built this house:

Original owners of our house Posted by Hello

I took many photos, and will eventually use those to list the names/dates of birth/death when I create a ownership chart to put on the wall here in the house. Quite a task ahead. I still have to get a photo of the original owners graves who bought the 40 acres. I have seen their tombstone, but couldn't locate it yesterday afternoon; the heat forced me to give it up after a good long while there. I have to locate the graves of another couple that owned the 40 acres before the Abercrombie's, but I am fairly sure they are also buried in that cemetery.

In the meantime, the kitten is doing great. She's eating now, and is very playful. Bitty kitty, the mom, is also doing well and I'll take her next week to get her stitches removed. Here's some recent photos:

Kitten, six weeks old Posted by Hello

Bitty kitty (mom-cat) looks in the back door at kitten Posted by Hello

Kitten playing with new toy Posted by Hello

And that's it for today.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A couple of links follow for today. The kitten is thriving, and doing great. She will be a TERROR in about two weeks, but I'm NOT complaining. More when I have time.

Here's a Get-Rich Tip--Start Being Cheap
{About Millionaire Women Next Door.}

End of the World --Poetry by Erica Jong (very apt!)

Monday, June 07, 2004

Humph! Who knew we had a Saint among us? Am I the ONLY person in America who wasn't a Ronald Reagan fan? Sure, as an ex-president he deserves respect...but give me a break! The man had his flaws, and after it was revealed (shortly after he left office) that he had Alzheimer's disease, I wondered if he had it BEFORE vacating the White House. How else to explain his "lapses of memory" when bad decisions were made?

Do we really want another senile President?

Or just another cheerleader like Bushie?

And who was running the country back during Reagan's reign? Was it perhaps Nancy? And if so, why no outrage by the Repugs, since they seem shocked at Hillary's input as First Lady? Methinks I smell hypocrites.

Ah, well, in a worn-out phrase from those 80s days, when others bow to worship at the Throne of Reagan, "Just say no."

Sunday, June 06, 2004

At last...the kitten has started nibbling solid food! I had tried to get her to lap up the formula mixed with chicken baby food to no avail. If I stuck her nose in it, or put a bit on my finger, she'd just shake her head, sling off the mess. I finally bought some kitten chow, since she is teething. I was able to get her to chomp on some of that, as long as I fed her out of my hand. But this morning I sprinkled some dry formula on the kitten chow, mixed with a bit of warm water...and at first she resisted, but then suddenly she put both front paws in the dish, started "kneading" like she does when nursing, and began to eat the food! Whew, I'm SO glad; it was a huge chore hand-feeding her all the time. I will still supplement with hand-fed formula maybe three times a day, but now I can put out food and water, so she has access to it when she is hungry.

Bitty kitty, the mom cat, is also doing well. I picked her up from the vet Friday, and locked her in the shed that night. She DID NOT like that! But when I let her out Saturday morning, she came straight to the back porch and has seldom left it. I fixed a box for her to sleep in, and put her dish of food/water out there. I think she'll stay primarily in the back yard, or on the porch...lessening the chance of her getting hit on the road in front of the house. Her incision is doing fine too, and I'm keeping an eye on that; she'll have stitches removed in about 10 days.

Otherwise, I'm still busy as ever. DH is doing some painting this morning on the front of the house, and we plan to buy new green shutters for that area soon. I did extensive cleaning yesterday and today.

I went on my bike ride late yesterday afternoon, and it was very pleasant, mild temps. Also, we discovered there's a video rental place in the small mall near the subdivision where I ride my bike, and rented a movie last night: "Cold Creek Manor." I'd been anxious to see this movie, because it involved an old broken-down house in foreclosure bought by a yuppish couple from New York. The ex-con who lost the house comes back to create serious trouble. When the movie was released, we were coincidentally looking at some property in foreclosure which we eventually learned was owned by a man in prison (and we didn't buy it partly due to his incarceration). At the time, I had thought the situation would make a great story! Anyhow, the movie was okay...fairly predictable though.

DH made a small satchel to put on my bike handlebars and I can just drop by the video store when I'm out riding my bike, if we want a movie to watch. Nice, huh?

I still haven't had time to get all the birth/death dates of the previous owners of this house copied off the tombstones. Nor have I got any digital pictures of the gravestones yet, but hopefully I can do that next week. I also want to type all that into the computer, and post it here too.

And that's it for today; we're going on a short ride later, just to get out of the house for awhile.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Very, very good news! My brother-in-law's cath test today showed he had absolutely NO blockage in his heart arteries! Everyone is SO relieved. However, the doctor said that probably his "tired" feeling might be due to the medication he takes for mitral valve prolapse (which he's had all his life, and had no major problems with). At any rate, my sister sure was glad to get this ordeal over with, as well as know that nothing major is wrong.

Whew, I'm beat. Night before last I didn't sleep a wink, and didn't sleep well the night before that either. I go through these weird spells (probably hormone related) where I just can't sleep. I took a mild sleeping pill last night, because I had to have some sleep before the trip today. But then when I had to wake up at 5:00 in order to get ready, I felt like a truck had run over me! I was about half-asleep the whole day, I think; and I feel so exhausted too.

Yet when we finally got home, I went on a short bike ride because I thought it would help me sleep tonight.

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the vet's office for two hours in order for the vet to see the kitten. The mom cat was taken in to be spayed, and I'll go pick her up tomorrow. She was fine when I called late this afternoon, so maybe it'll be relatively easy on her. The vet said that the kitten just had some mild congestion, and gave me some antibiotics and more eye ointment. Otherwise, she said it seems okay, even though I told her about the other kittens dying. I have the little scamp in the house, and still hand-feeding it, for it really seems too young to lap up gruel...although it's teething and probably could, but just won't. I don't mind hand-feeding it though. I'm not sure if I'll put it back with mom cat, or just let it stay indoors. It's been so fragile that I will probably keep it inside. Today the kitten is five weeks old.

And now I'm going to get some rest! Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel normal again!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Just a brief update: I haven't felt too well today, and yesterday DH was off work. Of course, I'm still in a dead run taking care of the kitten and mom cat, as well as all the other stuff that never seems to get done here! :-)

I went on my bike ride very late, but didn't take the camera with me. I again looked at the tombstones of the Abercrombie family, and also found another former owner's grave. I will try to get pictures soon.

Tonight DH is working at the voting place, so I had some extra time. However, I spent most of it playing with the kitten! She is really doing great (or at least it looks that way); she used the litterbox today when I put her in it, and I am hoping she'll be eating soon. Tomorrow I am going to phone the vet and see if I can set up spaying for Bitty Kitty on Thursday, but take her in tomorrow afternoon. That way she will stay until Friday, and I'll bring the kitten indoors. I will let her stay in the bathroom on Thursday, with formula/food/water and litterbox while DH and I are gone.

We must go to the hospital in a nearby city, since my brother-in-law is having a serious test to determine what is causing his heart problems. We're hoping it isn't real serious, but one never knows. And I want to be there for my sister. I hope we'll be home by late afternoon, if all goes well.

That's about it for now.