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Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Time, No Entry

I'd apologize, but lately I'm tired of being apologetic! No excuse really, mainly procrastination. I have been taking pictures to post yet hesitating. I have a few to share today.

It's now summer in the South, which arrived today with heat reaching 90. The remainder of the summer will be sweltering in the extreme, time to walk the dogs early or not at all. Early evening is fine for a park without cement walkways; otherwise the street pavement is too hot for my doxie, Oscar.

Little bitty Muffin has settled in, seems to be part of the pack now. A, make that a 4-pack, since I always think  I'm the leader. Hardly. Not sure but it seems more and more, Muffin tries to lead, though she will defer to Rambo on occasion.

What else? I'm having a lot of back/shoulder pain, probably due to the herniated discs. Trying to survive with it, but have to take Advil more than I like. Maybe a doctor's visit in my near future.

My youngest sister died several weeks ago, and I'm still not ready to write about that yet. The sorrow and sadness, grief is too fresh for necessary perspective.

So without further ado, here's the recent photos:

  All 3 dogs on sofa, though Muffin was about to get down

 Rambo & Oscar...with Oscar burrowed in, as usual!

Ms. Slinky -- oldest cat at near 15! Looking good too!

  Bitty Kitty, probably 8 years old (she was stray at farm)

Mr. Mister, can't say a stray, since he lives in my garage. Here he's lounging in the open doorway near sundown.

    Where I spend a lot of time -- at the computer!

A weird picture I took of myself. The flash in the mirror with that background...strange look, I thought.

Lastly, I am reading more on my Kindle, and also watching Mad Men on Netflix; I watched The Walking Dead and The Killing as well. Today I installed a new cable modem, and my speed is even better -- sure do enjoy Netflix!

And with that, I'm outta here.