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Monday, October 26, 2009

Men & Women

The Man's Perspective

The Woman's Perspective

Why Women Stay Single:

Why Women Stay Single - A funny movie is a click away

And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Random Stuff & Photos

I have been remiss in updating here, but there hasn't been much going on until lately. At least not with me. However, my sister has had her hands full with my brother-in-law's heart condition. Fortunately, he is doing fine and the procedure should have taken care of that issue permanently.

Then last week I drove to Huntsville, visited with my sister; we did some shopping, ate out, just girl stuff. I had no trouble, and think I'm finally start to like driving again after those two accidents. I admit I was freaked out for a couple months, and hated to drive -- especially on a long trip. I certainly hope no other accidents are in my future, since that would be a setback.

The renters are in the process of moving out, and I am relieved. I had already lowered the rent to the point I wasn't making much, and adding upkeep/tax/insurance the income was hardly worth it. I'm debating having some extensive renovation done to that house, returning to live there and selling the one I'm in now. Two houses are nothing but a maintenance burden, and I just cannot manage the cost. I'm too kind-hearted, and being a landlord is NOT working for me. I end up with more of a charity case for renters, and then I'm unable to put my foot down regarding rent, etc. It's enough to make you pull your hair out, and I really need to get rid of one of these houses.

At any rate, I plan to line up some contractors to give estimates on improvements to the rental house next week. Renters said they'd have everything out by next weekend, as well as cleaning up the place afterward. (I hope, but you never know.)

I'm not feeling well today, think I have a stomach bug plus sinus issues. Quite queasy, and eating makes it worse; feel slightly dizzy too. Hope it's not the beginning of swine flu, but that is everywhere here in the South. I hardly see how anyone will avoid getting it, and I'm NOT out in the public very often. Still, there's groceries to buy, etc. and it's impossible to entirely avoid people.

We are getting more rain, and I'm really tired of it. The temperatures have fallen too, and I've had to use the heat a couple times already. I like autumn, but can do without the constant dreary skies and rain.

I'll end this post with a few pictures:

Bitty Kitty enjoying time on the sofa

Oscar & Rambo on their ramp off the carport to backyard

Grilled veggies, it's what's for supper sometimes! YUMMY too.