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Friday, July 06, 2012

Mid-Summer Days

It's no news that most of the country is experiencing a sorching, sweltering heat-wave; and here in the South is no exception. Most days are around 100 degrees, so I stay indoors during the worst of the heat - shutters/shades and doors closed. While I prefer an open, sunny house, this is necessary to save on the power bills. Fortunately I had a small air conditioner installed on my cat's sunporch but only run it during the worst heat of the day; otherwise, I keep the windows up with a big fan on.

Being inside has one advantage: I've been working on my past novels, planning to post those online at Amazon at some point. It's amazing how rereading my first novel brought back so many happy memories; I remember how I learned as I wrote, the characters taking over and my surprise at how easily the words flowed. I've reworked this novel, "The Dark Fire" many times; it's nothing like the first rough draft, but still the same storyline. Therefore, I've been busy.

I decided the only way to keep my yard mowed was to get up very early, mow before the heat of the day. I got up at 5 AM this morning, was mowing by 6 AM and had it done by 7:30. It was humid, and I still got sweaty-hot, but nothing like the terrible heat of later day.

Every afternoon I let the cats outside to prowl, and yesterday afternoon, I took some photos. Here's their adventures in pictures (click to enlarge):

           Shadow stalks a squirrel on the ground nearby...

                Bitty Kitty watches closely, interested...

          The squirrel suspects something is going on....
          A mocking bird squeaks and squawks at the cats
         Slinky is oblivious, scenting something in the grass
                (Look at those dry, dead fallen leaves!)

               Squirrel retreats to the fence, just in case....
                     All's well that ends well...Shadow didn't get the squirrel!

And this is my fresh mown lawn this morning!

What else? Not much happening here due to the extreme heat. Everyone hibernates during the day (even kids!) and tries to get anything necessary done either early in the morning or very late afternoon.

Climate change, anyone?