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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pleasant Sunday

Beautiful weather -- nearly 60, bright sunshine, no wind. Perfect for a long walk in the park with my dogs.

Then I decided to try out the Thundershirt I bought Oscar; ads promised it would stop a dog from whining, barking, etc. Oscar whines all the time he's in a car, and nothing I've tried ever stops him! Anyway, I came back to the house, put the tight-fitting outfit on him and away we went on a long drive.

Rambo, as usual, rides well, never a peep out of him. I think I could take him on a road trip and he'd love it.

The outfift did tone down Oscar's whining, but didn't entirely stop it. Maybe I didn't have it tight enough, so I may try to make it more snug next time.

It was a great ride in the country though, no destination, just a random drive at first. Then I remembered a place I'd seen for sale in the real estate guide. Drove by there, a house with 3.7 acres late husband and I'd looked at years ago. The house needs work, but the price is right; and it's located only 2 miles from the city. Not really thinking of moving, but occasionally I do entertain the idea of changing locations. Just not at the present time. The house I'm in now would be a good source of income, especially if I let a realtor handle it as a rental.

Yesterday another trip to the park with dogs. They are loving the walks, and I'm staying off the neighborhood streets until I can find new walking shoes. I wear out shoes very fast, go through them since I walk so much. Wish I could find some that would last longer but no luck.

I found two small seedling pine trees, and put those in the front yard. I'm planting stuff near the curb, with the intention of keeping it trimmed to about five feet. We'll see, I guess, when spring comes.

Next week is sunny too, but with teens a couple nights. Good to get everything drying out after endless rain for the past week!

Sister and brother-in-law have a stomach virus, and are staying home till better. I caught a similar virus last January, and ended up at urgent care. Sure don't want it again!

My grand-niece visited the past couple mornings. She had a mild cold, but not the flu. Actually, the flu hasn't been that bad here yet. Of course, we still have a good bit of winter to get through.

And now, a brief writing prompt:

Something from childhood you wish you still had.

Three things actually.

First: a small red rocker my grandparents bought me when I was about four. It made it through three moves, then I gave it away.

Second: a friendship ring one of aunts gave me. I was ten at the time, and treasured it so much; she was my favorite aunt on my mother's side (married to mother's brother). Unfortunately the next summer it came off my finger at the pool. I was devastated, and though the lifeguard looked for it, never was found. I hated to tell her I lost it and never did, since she never asked. She and my uncle divorced a few years later, which made me wish even more I'd never lost that ring.

Third: a wire-rimmed pair of spectacles my grandmother gave me. They were my great-aunt's glasses --my grandmother's sister. I don't have a clue when or how they got lost. I just know they came up missing one day. There was so much chaos in our childhood home, anything could have happened to those.

Now I'm going to sit in the sun on the back porch and read a good novel.

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Hughes ap Williams said...

My parents Christmas tree decorations. They just...disappeared. Althought we have our suspicions about the "nice lady from the church" who my father hired to help out; the same nice lady who "bought" their piano for her duaghter and then forgot to pay for it...