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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Been busy

I've spent the past few weeks doing assignments for the local newspaper. I helped finish up profiles of local people, which is a special section coming out at the end of this month. Lots of frantic, last-minute stuff going on at the newspaper, and they asked me to help out by writing more profiles.

I'm also writing a regular column about local citizens, which comes out once weekly. Don't know if I'll continue this or not, but I've done it for the past month. I'm not really sure this is worth the hassle, and since it's low pay, gas prices for the travel involved pretty much eliminates profit.

Otherwise, I've had a toothache off and on for over a month. I finally went to an oral surgeon the other day, and the choice is between a root canal and pulling the tooth. It's a back tooth, next to a wisdom tooth; I've had trouble with it for over a year, a crown put on last year. I am going to have it pulled on April 7th; I don't see any reason to hang on to a tooth causing this much PAIN, and next year I won't have dental insurance so that will mean out-of-pocket expense for such dental problems. If the tooth is GONE, it will no longer be an issue! My upper teeth are in great shape, all crowned and healthy; the bottom ones are probably not going to last long, so why not just start removing them now, with the idea of getting a false plate there in the future? Best deal financially, in the long run.

You know, this is one of those issues no one takes into consideration when they spend a small fortune on their teeth in earlier years: It never goes away. I've seen 85-year-olds in the oral surgeon's office, crying with a toothache. People who spent lots of time and money on their teeth to keep them, only to find themselves in quite a fix at that age. If you get false teeth, you don't have this "old age" problem.

We've had WILD winds here, which is not atypical for March. However, it seems this kind of fierce wind has been here all through the winter, never really leaving for long. I read somewhere that melting of the artic ice contributes to change in wind patterns, and I don't doubt it. Something is up with the wind changes here, that's for sure.

Phone just rang: Would you believe NOW I'm getting pre-recorded messages from a local church to attend their Easter services? How far will they go to rope you into their payroll, huh?

All my critters are well, and I take the dogs on long daily walks. The new grass is causing Oscar, my Doxie, to have a mild case of skin allergy, and I hope it doesn't get as sever as it did last year.

Oh, I had some roof problems last week, a leak in my closet. Got that repaired yesterday. The curtains fell in my living room, but my brother-in-law put up new curtain rods/shades, so all is well on that front. As Rosanna Rosanna Danna on SNL used to say, "It's always something..." LOL

And that's it for today.