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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rambo...a Keeper!

Yep, he's all settled in -- and we're bonded. And while I say he's the "perfect little dog," he does have quirks. He IS house-trained, but I still have to take him out early in the morning, late at night.

Rambo is not fond of the cats, nor do they like him. Kitten was very curious about him, since she's never been around a dog in her life. Soon as she got close enough for a "sniff" though, she hissed. Slinky growls worse than Rambo, so he leaves her alone. He mostly scares them with his bark, but sooner or later, maybe they'll adjust. If not, maybe I can keep them apart...though over long enough time, they may call a truce.

I had a remodeling guy out here this morning, and he'll give me an estimate on taking out these two windows in the den/dining area, putting in French doors and building a smallish deck on back. I will have a small doggie door put in to, for Rambo; then he can come and go as necessary. He loves to run and play in the fenced yard, but doesn't like to stay out too long if it's cold or raining. I have an insulated dog house out there, with thick pillow/blanket, and he can get in there if he wishes...but I could never leave him out all the time. He can do some of the cutest antics, a real jester. He prances at times, doesn't know he's a little dog, and barks at any and all dogs in the neighborhood. I bought him a harnass the other day, just in case I decide to take him on walks in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow morning he'll be taken to the vet for neutering, and a thorough checkup. He sure seems healthy to me though.

This afternoon I have a dental appointment for a cleaning. I've been having problems with my bottom teeth, the enamel is wearing down and there's sharp places that irritate my mouth. I know I'm going to have to spend serious money on getting all that remedied, but dread it!!!

And that's about it for now.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another dog here...

Yeah, I just keep trying to find the dog I want.

And though it may be premature, I think I found him today: at the local animal shelter. His name is Rambo, he's a Miniature Pinscher, and has the sweetest, lovable nature of any dog I've ever known. He loves to be cuddled, and loves lying my lap. He has obviously been socialized (the shelter people said he must have gotten lost from his owners, or they abandoned him but he'd been there a long while, and his days were numbered) is outgoing, but also quiet-natured. He likes to play, but he'd rather cuddle. After paying the fee at the animal shelter, I took him by the vet for a rabies shot/checkup, and next week he'll be neutered. First I want to spoil him here, and let him settle in a little.

I still have the crate I got for Otter, which is huge, so I'll try to crate train him, and allow him and the cats to get acquainted...gradually, and without direct contact. Rambo is definitely going to be an indoor dog, my doubt.

Here's his picture from the shelter:

Meet Rambo!

He weighs only 10-12 lbs, and I could actually get him in my small cat carrier! :-) I can easily pick him up, and he isn't a biter/nippy, lets anyone hold him or tote him without trouble.

I am SO happy I found the little rascal.

More later!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Unexpected Grief

Sometimes you think you are doing fine, coping with the loss as a widow, and then, bam!, right out of the blue it's as if someone hit you in the gut with a sledghammer. Such was one of my intense moments today.

Not that it is bad in all ways, because it wasn't. In fact, in one aspect, it was a HAPPY event, something I know DH would have been satisfied with.

I got my mail this afternoon, and saw an envelope from the young couple who bought our farm. I knew it was a wedding announcement, since they were only living together, not married. When I opened it up, there was the most BEAUTIFUL picture of the barn DH had started and the couple had finished. It looked just like DH would have wanted it to, and I gasped, happy/sad at the same instant. Happy because I knew the couple (the boy knew DH well, went horseback riding with him often) had created exactly the barn DH would have, had he lived.

Sad, bereft that DH wasn't here to see it, to realize his dream HAD come true...just like he'd always imagined it!!! The big barn was his fondest dream, and he couldn't have done a better job of it himself had he been here.

This is what the announcement said:

The couple's name above the barn picture

And then inside:

Come celebrate a new beginning with a wedding reception for _____ and ______ at their barn for a "hoe-down" on Friday October 27, 2006 at 7:30 p.m.

I am definitely going to be there, and tell them what a WONDERFUL job they've done with the barn AND the old farmhouse and the land. I can't wait to see them, and their parents. At least one of my sisters and brother-in-law will go with me, today, I'll probably burst into tears.

I KNOW they will be happy there, and whatever was in that farmhouse, on the land, haunting me and DH has gone.

I only wish I could tell DH about this, and share it with him. I hope he would have been satisfied with who has the place now, and how much they wanted to please him with their hard work and efforts. I know I will be sure to tell them how much it means to me and would have meant to DH.

Friday, October 13, 2006

House is rented

In the post below, WHO would you choose to rent the house?

I finally decided on the young couple -- the guy and the pregnant girlfriend. She wanted the house SO MUCH, and upon close inspection of their application, he has a good-paying plant job (as forklift operator) and I wanted to give them a chance/break. At some point, someone HAS to trust you when you start I decided I would give them that chance.

We shall see how it works out. They had the first month's rent and cash. That is a fairly good sign.

Stay tuned for what happens in the future.

Monday, October 09, 2006

WORSE Than a Hard Day's Night!

I really didn't think it would be so difficult to rent the house; honestly, I didn't. And it's not even that there aren't prospects, there are! In one weekend, I had three different people want to apply for the rental. Today, Monday, I met them -- and it has shattered my confidence in being able to choose a reliable renter.

Shall I introduce you to the people? Of course.

First there is the "retired" gentleman, age 58, who has had two heart attacks, claims he is retired as a sales rep for a well-known nationwide business. He moved to a nearby large city from Florida, but doesn't like where he is living and wants to move to a "smaller town." On the surface, he seems middle-class, perhaps well-off financially...charming, and as we talk, he says he's so certain he'd like living in the rental house, he'll write me a check on the spot. OR he'll pay the ENTIRE year's rent right now. [At first, I'm excited...then recall the worst "renter-from-hell" movie ever "Pacific Heights" in which almost this exact scenario occurs and the guy gets in, then his check bounces and ergo, chaos ensues when the young couple (landlords) can't get this nutcase out of their house.] I declined, told him to fill out the application, which he did half-heartedly. Upon close inspection later, it looks like the man doesn't have any income except $895.00 from "other sources."

Second there is a young couple who looked at the house Sunday afternoon, and said "their parents" needed to see it today. The young lady is pregnant, abundantly so, and the young man (both in very early 20s) looks like he'd rather be ANYWHERE else than trying to rent a house for them to live in. He shuffles from foot to foot, anxious, worried...a look not unlike a deer caught in the headlights in his eyes. The couple (not married) are now living with HER mom, but his parents also want a look-see, and since the young prego girl is SO anxious and excited about the house, they all (no surprise) like it too. The thing is, I felt sorry for the girl and boy -- for her, that she didn't have sense enough to get married and have adequate housing BEFORE becoming pregnant. Him, because he obviously is feeling trapped and (I fear) at the first chance will bolt. Leaving the girl and a screaming, hungry baby to fend for themselves. He does have a good-paying plant job, but the salary would not be enough to pay the rent AND provide for essentials. It goes without saying the girl had no job.

Third was a mid-40s couple who looked like they'd seen the hind-end of life and made extremely BAD decisions to boot. The man was a talker, likeable and kept up the conversation throughout the whole time. The woman just walked through the house continuously, looking wistful and sad. They both work full-time, but seemed evasive about actually filling out the application, which I gave them anyway. The woman seemed so very sad, and I felt bad about realizing they probably couldn't rent the house.

In short, I don't think I'm cut out to be a rental agent. I have too much compassion for the sad stories, sad people, and it overcomes my better judgement. Thus, I'm thinking about turning the rental house over to a real estate agency to manage. Better to let them take a percentage of the rental fee than to lose it all because I'm a sucker for a sad story and hopeless cases. Not to mention the emotional toll this took on me when I'm already emotionally vulnerable. Bad day, sad stories, NOT fun. And I haven't even run an ad, just put a "For Rent" sign in the yard!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hard day's night...

Long, long week of hard labor on the rental house. Don't even feel like writing about it, I'm so tired. But now the place is ready to show...

I have had several people interested, but I'm being selective, since I DO want at least a year's lease and someone without children. Would like to have either a single male or female (who can do the lawn care) in there, and I'm fairly sure I'll get exactly that.

Gotta close, late and I need some rest!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ain't That Lonely Yet...

Too busy to be lonely. LOTS of work at the rental house, every day more and more cleaning. I finished painting the foundation this afternoon, still more to do inside.

It was sad the first afternoon after my renter left; we hugged and cried, remembering DH. But I'm moving on, doing my best to get the house ready for the next renter.

Thinking of meeting online male friends, I had to post the lyrics from a Dwight Yoakam song. Just subsititute "he" for "her." and "man" for "girl." Men are fun, but "I'm not that lonely yet..."

--Dwight Yoakam

You keep calling me on the telephone
You say you're all alone well that's real sad
And you keep leavin' notes stuck on my door
Guess you're hungry for some more, girl that's too bad.

'Cause I ain't that lonely, yet
No, I ain't that lonely yet
After what you put me through
Oh, I ain't that lonely, yet.

--- Instrumental ---

Once there was this spider in my bed
I got caught up in her web of love and lies
She spun her chains around my heart and soul
Never to let go, oh, but I survived.

'Cause I ain't that lonely, yet
No, I ain't that lonely, yet
After what you put me through
Oh, I ain't that lonely, yet.

There's nothing left that you can do
To try and bring me around
'Cause everything you do just brings me down.

Oh, well I ain't that lonely, yet
No, I ain't that lonely, yet
After what you put me through
Oh, I ain't that lonely, yet.

'Cause I ain't that lonely, yet
No, I ain't that lonely, yet
After what you put me through
Oh, I ain't that lonely, yet.

'Cause I ain't that lonely, yet
No, I ain't that lonely, yet
After what you put me through
Oh, I ain't that lonely, yet.