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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Busy day

I had errands in town this morning -- groceries and other shopping for necessities.

Back home, I loaded up the dogs and we went to two different parks for walking. We hadn't been to the nearby wooded park in some time, so the dogs had to mark every tree (or it seemed that way!).

I wanted to look for cheap shrubs I could plant in my front I drove to a couple nurseries to look. Usually the selection is limited, but prices are marked down due to the time of year. I found two I hope will live; both looked a bit "under the weather." I've had good luck though with such plants, I suppose, due to them being somewhat neglected.

At any rate, one nursery was near another park, so I walked the dogs there. It was not too cold, but occasionally the wind would give me shivers -- even though I was wearing a light jacket. The dogs had a scent-fest and romped all over the park, especially alongside the creek where recent rain had created rushing, cascading water over the many rocks.

I planted the two shrubs quickly once home, because rain was predicted. It started raining about twenty minutes after I got those in the ground.

Rain tomorrow too, a good time to stay indoors and read; I've got two novels, one memoir on my tablet. I also checked out two books from the library; one is a memoir by a writer and the other is a novel by the same author. Must catch up on my reading! Lately I'm sleeping so well that I can't read very long in bed before sleep overtakes me. I'm not  complaining, because I feel so much better lately. Of course, the anti-depression/pain drug helps my mood; I feel more optimistic and less melancholy.

I'm trying to decide what I want for my supper -- probably a veggie burger, salad and small baked potato (one of my favorite meals!).

Enough for today!

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