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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Song Video

Found this Civil War Era song through another blogger, but liked it so well I just had to post it for others to enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just photos of car...

I am working on a long blog post about my car accident, but just wanted to update with photos of my 06 Ford Focus Hatchback.

I looked at this car before I bought the Honda Fit, but had a lot of negative feedback from others. I liked it the first time I saw it, the first time I drove it...but sometimes you just can't make a decision. Maybe it isn't as snazzy or jazzy as the Honda, but frankly, I've always had extremely good luck with Ford -- especially the Escorts which evolved into the Focus. Maybe I'm just supidstitious...but still, I have a good feeling about this car (keeping fingers crossed!)

When I compared the Ford to the Honda in pictures, it was surreal -- I realized I'd probably chosen the Honda Fit because it so closely resembled the Ford Focus Hatchback. How's that for weird? Guess I wanted the Ford all along...and saving dollars on it now made the purchase even more appealing. I hope there's no wreck or serious repairs in my future!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday walk in park

One great advantage our city has are the wonderful parks all around town. North, south, east or is never far from a family-friendly park.

Sunday I took the dogs on a walk at a park on the southwest side of the city; it has soccer and baseball fields as well as a partly wooded walking trail. Unfortunately, bikes are not allowed. However, there's a large open-air arena where concerts are held during the seasonable months. The newspaper sponsors an entire week of free concerts in the park during late summer; it's a huge attraction.

I went around one o'clock Sunday, and at first there was no one but myself. Soon a few families started arriving, and some kids brought their kites to fly. A gorgeous day weather-wise, it was a perfect afternoon for come along with me now in photos:

Entering the park

Choices, choices...which way to go?

Out of the wooded area, now alongside open field and soccer, baseball sectors

KidZone game area entry sign -- an excellent message

Believe it or not, a woman walking alone was attacked by a Hispanic near these restrooms. She fought him off, but later the same individual broke into houses around town, raped one woman and tried to rape another. Composite drawings were posted all over town but the rapist has never been found, nor has he attacked again.

Entering the open-air theater which is in a circle with fountain in the center and wooden performance stage where entertainers hold concerts during the seasonable months.

This is what the dogs do on every tree and tall patch of grass!

Almost back to the parking lot now...

All smiles but tired, Rambo says, "Thanks mom!" LOL

Tenant cuts up the fallen dogwood tree in my backyard after a storm Saturday night

Patio tenants built in rental house backyard

I will meet with a local man I met via Wednesday at the lakeside park. I'm taking my dogs, and we'll walk them together. Nice, safe place to have an initial "check each other out," meeting. We shall see what develops after that...

Waiting for my sister to arrive, and we'll probably grab a bite of lunch, yak for hours! LOL

With that, I'm outta here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wild Weather

Not just a stormy day, rather a wild weather pattern that hit here in our region.

I knew there were serious weather bulletins, but as the hot, sultry day progressed, the wind became wildly violent. Around one o'clock we lost power for about an hour or so. No rain, just hard wind that apparently damaged power lines. The sun was actually shining at that time.

The clouds were flying like a Frisbee, scuttling across the sky -- first dark, then clearing, then dark again.

That went on for a couple hours, no lightning or thunder, just the hard wind and speeding clouds. Wendell & Sherry stopped by, planted some tomato plants they'd gotten free at a garden supply store because the containers had overturned. Nearly a half row of those, not bad.

About ten minutes after they left, all hell broke loose -- driving rain which turned into quarter sized hail. Thank goodness my car was inside the carport! I made a video clip, but won't post it.

Now it's sunny, but still having a few off-and-on showers.

Are we in Kansas yet? LOL Just hope the tomatoes and cabbage plants survived! From the news, I think there is damage north of here as well as across much of the region.

I spent most of that time cooking black bean barbecue veggie burgers, and they are YUMMY! Had plenty for freezer, and saved a bunch of money by making them from scratch.

Yum. I'd tell you the secret ingredients, but then I'd have to kill you. LOL One is missing -- for my meal!

Here's a photo of the hail:

Monday, April 06, 2009

What dogs do...

Although today is blustery, overcast and cold, I enjoyed taking some pictures of Rambo the other day that I find amusing. Ever see a dog start to sniff grass, then act as if they've snorted some kind of potent drug? That's what Rambo and Oscar do occasionally, and I actually captured Rambo's antics with my camera Saturday:

Rambo gets his first whiff of an impending addict attack...

Ah, let the wallowing begin...

Overload of sheer bliss in the kiss of grass...or is it 'nip?

Back inside the house, Rambo is all like, "What you talkin' bout?" But he's definitely got that glassy-eyed look! LOL

And to round out this post, here's a picture of my garden. Just hope the freeze tonight spares the radishes; the onions and cabbage should be fine.

Though the garden looks like a big patch of mud, the plants are surviving so far...

Waiting for the insurance adjuster to call, and will meet him at the rental for an estimate. This claim is dragging on and on, but that's because two new dishwashers from the same company leaked, and ruined the kitchen floor. So I filed a claim against the company, due to a defective part; hopefully today will wrap it up, and I can get that floor repaired and another dishwasher installed at last!

Outta here for now.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Photo lakeside park walk

Today is absolutely gorgeous -- brilliant sunshine, no wind, a mild 70 degrees. Since I got up early to get that storm-door for the rental house (a REAL bargain!), and did a few other errands, I had a long day for fun.

I took the dogs to the lakeside park, and carried my camera so you can walk along with me. This park has been at the north corner of our city all my life; it's maintained well, and truly a wonderful park for everyone who lives here. DH and I used to take stale bread to feed to the ducks/geese; they are so tame and spoiled, they almost demand a treat nowadays. Recently, a new steel pier was constructed; the old one was wooden and rotting badly.

There is a walking/biking path around the lake, lots of picnic tables in the pines, fishing, paddle boats, snack shack, small train that circles the lake, fun for everyone. I've taken my bike several times since I bought my new Honda Fit Sport, but walk the dogs more frequently there.

I live on the southeast side of our city, but it's a very short drive to the park. All in all, it's just a scenic, central location for citizens to enjoy a little bit of nature and family activities.

Without further ado, here's the photos. (Click on any image for the large version and more detail.)

I usually start our walk on the lower end of the lake dam, since there are no trees and it's a good way to get warmed up! Today the path had a lot of families walking together...

A waterfall for the spill-over from the lake, which runs into a small creek

The small train crossing the dam, lots of children waving and laughing

Now we're on the far side of the lake looking back at the parking lot. Campers and fishermen are in this photo; camping is allowed also.

Now we're into the pines which border the west side of lake and have picnic tables/covered areas for rent

Sitting on a bench in the pines looking across the lake, watching ducks, people in paddle boats

Almost back to the parking lot, this is wide view to get a perspective of how large the lake is and the path. Not sure what the walking/biking path distance is, but it's considerable.

Today I got to "socialize" with strangers, since all the children want to pet the dogs, and all their parents complement the pups on how gorgeous and good-natured they are! When I bike, I wouldn't dare go on a weekend, because the people are too much of a distraction and you can't really get a good workout. But for people watching and minimal social contact, walking the dogs is a fun time.

Storms again tomorrow afternoon/night, then 40s/30s mid-week. The radishes and onions are up, but hopefully there will not be a frost. Mostly cold rain is predicted.

The lawn care guy finally showed up yesterday afternoon, and the yard looks so much better. Definitely needed mowing!

With that I'm outta here -- just don't say I never take you anywhere in pictures! LOL