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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bi-polar winter weather

It seems here in the South we'll have a few glorious days of warm, sunny days and then literally overnight...not just cold but frigid temperatures. At least we haven't had snowfall or sleet/icing because the moisture shows up when we have warmer weather.

Last weekend was simply gorgeous -- I took the dogs to the lakeside park on Saturday & Sunday, then the wooded park on Monday. Wonderful. And mainly due to the fact the cortisone injection I got in my neck practically overnight got rid of most of my back pain. Nearly a miracle, except it was a modern marvel of health care. And fortunately for me, I had the procedure done without even a co-pay due to the good insurance policy I have now. Thanks Obama!

Otherwise, life goes on as usual here. I didn't make any New Year's resolutions, since I have realized in the past few years it just makes me feel guilty when I fail at those. I do hope I can get the remainder of my work at this year; I need to work on that as time permits. I'm not in a hurry though, because I want to have new material spaced out, not all at once.

My novels are doing well, considering I have done very little promotion. In fact, other than the interview with indieauthorland, I've not done much. I wish I could do more promotion, and maybe that is something I'll tackle this year. I could hire some PR, and may do that at some point.

I have lots of doctor/dentist appointments coming up, trying to get health care issues taken care of now that I have insurance. I'd put off a lot of problems because the bad insurance I had was a "junk policy." Sigh.

My pets are all healthy, and one of my cats is approaching 16 years old. As I type this, my smallest dog Muffin is asleep on my lap. It's quite a trick typing around a sleeping pet, but I mastered it years ago! (smile)

My blogging has become sparse, and I always hope I can write more. Alas, such is life. I've also been reading/researching a great deal in the dystopian fiction genre. I think my next novel will be in that category -- on the order of Revolution, Falling Skies, The Event, etc.

Tonight is in the single digits, and of course, I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. The radio is announcing possibility of power outages due to the demand; fortunately I have natural gas backup wall heaters.

Where oh where is spring? Can't wait!