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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Memory Lane

Most of my entries lately have been somber, so I wanted to start the New Year's with a pictorial of myself I found while looking through some old photos. Click to enlarge any of the  pictures.

Once upon a time...

 I was 30, standing in my grandparents' old barn

                   I was 32 and in my prime

         Again the same year, being mischievous

                            Here I'm age 40

Here I am 45

                            I'm 50 in this photo

                           With Rambo at 55

                                   58 here

                             Recently, age 60

 And today, the camera is not so kind; I look               better from a safe distance! :-)

At least I am reminded of my physical progression through time and how aging sneaks up on us when we are simply living.

I'm cooking veggie soup with black eye peas for good luck. It's a bleak day here, raining steadily.

Yesterday afternoon after a long walk with the dogs, I puttered around in my yard, fertilizing a few shrubs, etc.

So it begins...the future, 2013.


Anonymous said...

hi Cara,
I've looked at your blog occasionally - I found it after you commented on Time Goes By one day. Then I saw the quote on the side about Christianity and stealing a bicycle & laughed out loud so I've checked in from time to time. I'm just your age.

I'm sorry to hear you've been having a hard time lately. Good luck in 2013. (I live in California and Alabama and Oklahoma are the only two states I've never visited).

C.A. said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I will hopefully be updating more often in 2013, since it is one of my New Year's resolutions. Drop by again sometimes.

Stacy Horn said...

Hi Cara! I haven't been to your blog in a while so the new look is totally new to me, it looks great. And so do you! I'm not far behind you in age.

Also, I agree with everything you said about AA, and had the same reaction. I'm not religious and it's geared toward's men's problem. They need to give up control, but women need to take it. That said, I went for 2 years because I found the practical advice useful, and going to meetings, however annoying they could be, kept me from drinking, as did my sponsor. When I felt strong enough I stopped going, but I had a really hard time stopping drinking so it took me a while to feel strong.

I'm going back to the rest of your posts now, I have a lot of catching up to do. But it sounds like you are mostly doing better.

C.A. said...

Hi Stacy,
Thanks for your comment. I won't completely rule out AA, but there are several meetings in this town. The one I'd been too...just not for me. Mostly the men were "rough around the edges" to put it mildly. They cursed, etc.

If I feel I need that support again, I'll probably go to the other two meetings, see if I like the group better.