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Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Again

And so the seasons pass, moving faster and faster in a timeless dance as one gets older. Truly it does seem life goes faster as you age...

And again, we had a series of tornadoes in Alabama, several nearby. But thankfully, none in my city. The county rural areas had a tornado on the ground for 9 miles, and left quite a lot of destruction.

I never want to go through another tornado like in 2011, when most of my neighborhood was destroyed.

In fact, I made up my mind while living through the aftermath of that tornado that if another one like that happens here, I will pick up and move. Fortunately I'm in a financial position to do that, and I can't endure the turmoil, the loud, endless noise of trucks, heavy equipment and construction again. I will have my property either leveled, sell the lot, or repaired, then sell. Too old for that again.

At least there were no deaths or serious injuries here Monday night. But it was one day after the horrible tornadoes in 2011...weird conicidence that already had people unnerved.

Otherwise, I'm doing well. And my critters are thriving, still all healthy. Today is blustery, a bit cool for this early May day.

Family is mostly well, except for my brother-in-law who will soon have to have a heart valve replaced. He has mitral valve prolapse, and knew this might have to be done someday. Hoping it all goes well; and he will have excellent doctors, so we expect it to. On the other hand, there will be recovery time and all that goes along with heart surgery.

My nephew is graduating from Alabama Law School this Saturday, and I'll be going to the graduation with my other sister and brother-in-law. He already has a position with a law firm, and after the bar, should settle into his career.

What else? My novel, Season of the Serpent, continues to sell. I haven't really done any further promotion, but the sales continue. Not complaining; the sales are more than paying for my lawn care right now. Or at least, that's how I look at it, since it's good to know the extra income is helping in a practical way.

I also have several chapters written on a young adult novel, Star Child, and a vague outline for the series, Alien Hybrids. In another of those strange writer's happenings, I'd started this novel several years ago, and got to the stage where I wasn't sure what the protagonist, Ravena, had in her possession. I knew it was something important, an oracle, but whether it was magical, or supernatural, no clue. And then all of a sudden recently, I realized the oracle will be of alien design -- something she was given by an alien in the past. She is told she can only use it if she is in dire need. (As an aside, what she will see in it is the end of the first novel in the series.) Anyhow, I'm working on that when I have time.

And so this May goes....