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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Spring is here!

We have had a glorious storm-free spring thus far in the South. So glad the tornadoes have not visited us, and we've only had beautiful sunshine between rain showers. Days are pleasant and nights cool enough to sleep with a window open. How I do love springtime!

What has been happening in my life? Not a lot, although I did publish a fantasy/sci-fi novel back in January. I wrote the bulk of it during nanowrimo in November. Here's a link for those interested:

Wildscapes -- A Dark Fantasy

Otherwise, my life is calm and content. I've toyed with the idea of a trip to Florida by bus -- a possible adventure! Though I've made no plans yet, I've tentatively looked at scheduling, etc. It would bring some interesting people into my life, as well generate potential story ideas. And of course, I could blog about it from the road! Stay tuned.

I've been taking my two dogs, Rambo & Muffin, to the park almost daily. Sometimes we go to a small wooded park nearby; and other times to a lakeside park on the north end of town. That one has a longer walking path, and a dog park. Yesterday I let them off-leash in the dog park and they had fun running. We were the only ones there, so it was a good time to teach them "come!" Muffin never wants me out of her sight though; she is spoiled rotten.

What else? I got a Fire HD tablet at Christmas, and have been enjoying reading novels as well as surfing the internet without being chained to a desk chair. Very nice!

I have an outline finished for "Where Whippoorwills Call"...but haven't started the rough draft yet. In the meantime, I'm updating/editing more of my past short stories to include in a book. And one of these days I must get all my poetry into a book too.

I don't plan too far in advance, the lasting legacy of losing my husband unexpectedly. I guess that gave me a healthy respect for not making concrete plans too far in the future, since we never know what can happen.

All in all, I'm doing well and enjoying life.