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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Interview online about my novel

Been a while since I've posted, and this may be short but I wanted to share a link to a great website that interviews and promotes independent authors.

Indie Author Land
(There's also a badge/link in the right sidebar -- really a great place to find free & discounted ebooks, as well as wonderful for attracting readers for authors.)

And today my interview there about "Season of the Serpent" is online. Here's a link to that:

Interview "Season of the Serpent"

It's been a tough few weeks due to my back/knee issues. I have to lie down and rest between chores and/or housecleaning. I'm looking for someone to hire -- help with pet care (dog walking) and housecleaning. If I find someone they will have to be pet lovers. And also spend time getting acquainted with my dogs and cats.

I'm finally getting some outside maintenance work done. Yesterday the worker set new posts and replaced fence panels. Tomorrow he will start painting; first, the back porch in early morning. I'm boarding Rambo & Oscar at the vet overnight due to them running in and out the doggie door that goes to the back porch. The following late afternoon should be long enough for the paint to dry. Also having the foundation and front porch/steps painted. I'm impressed with the young guy doing the job. I told him if I'm pleased with his work, I'll be calling him again.

What else? Still working on editing/formatting past novels; need to do "Dead Right" next, and then get busy on the other two novels yet to be posted.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to access the new government exchange website for our medical insurance. I'm very anxious to find out the cost of any coverage; I desperately need good insurance because of my back and knee problems. Right now I'm just in limbo, having to endure the pain at least until next January.

I don't know why some people don't understand how important health care is, and especially whether you can pay for it in this country. If you can't pay, and own anything whatsoever, you may lose it to bankruptcy if you get seriously ill. The hope is that the new ACA law will remedy that, and end discriminating against those who have pre-existing conditions. I'm several years away from medicare, have a good income, and couldn't work even if I could find a job with insurance benefits. Health care is the number one thing in most lives, whether they realize it or not if they've never been sick or injured. I wish I could magically give every body in this country the gift of empathy and compassion. Alas, can never, ever do that.

Before I rant too much, I just want to urge anyone interested in Southern Gothic stories to read my interview, and perhaps buy the novel; it's only $1.00, or can be borrowed free if you have Amazon Prime.

With that, I'm out of here for today.