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Friday, July 12, 2019

Strange dream visitation

Looks like I only record dreams at the blog of late!

Rereading the previous disturbing dream about late husband, I realized that it was approximately a month after that when I noticed my dog, Rambo, showing signs of illness. With treatment for liver disease, he lived until a month ago, but still, it was devastating to lose him. I got him at the animal shelter three months after losing husband, and Rambo was my protector, my guard dog. He was fourteen years old. Miss him even now.

At any rate, last night I had a vivid dream about a late close friend, K.C. He and I corresponded for years; he'd had a detailed near-death experience, and I learned a lot about spirituality via him. In the dream last night, I received a letter from him, saying he was coming to visit. Then he met me at the library, where we sat and talked about his NDE, going over some of the more important aspects. I had a strong feeling that he was trying to either warn me of impending doom, or own death?

When he was preparing to leave, I put my hand on his arm and said, "Please don't go far."

"I won't," he stated, adding, "I'll be near if you need me."

I woke up this morning feeling like I'd actually been in his presence, though he died in 2000. Not exactly a comforting feeling, though I suppose his experiences of dying...were always comforting.

Who knows?

Just wanted to record this in my blog.