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Thursday, April 29, 2004

They're .... here! Newborn kittens this morning.... Where else but on my back porch? FIVE....that's right....FIVE kittens! As if I didn't have enough to do already, now I have five newborn kittens and a whiny, spoiled mom cat to take care of!

Bitty kitty has become soooo spoiled, and if she had her way, she'd be living in the house. But I already have five indoor cats, though they stay primarily on the new sunporch. Still, I've already been through the hassle and work of taking a stray cat in with the others and her having kittens; a nightmare, believe me! Mom cats are VERY protective, and though they are loving and sweet while pregnant, the minute those kittens arrive, they will scratch other cats' eyes out if they approach. Never again, never.

At any rate, I spent the ENTIRE morning cleaning out that utility shed, rearranging and making it better so I could put the kittens and mom cat in there. The city kitty has started spending most of her time in a nearby clump of bushes, which she seems to prefer. I did leave her food/water on a high shelf near the open window so she can come inside, eat and stay out of the way of the other cat/kittens, since they are on the floor. I worked and sweated, worked and sweated some more...but it should be fine there until the kittens are big enough to give away. And I DO plan to give them away, it at all possible.

There's three yellow-striped tabby kittens, a black-and-white kitten, and one GORGEOUS gray-striped tabby with white paws and face. You know I'm a sucker for grey tabby cats, and I had seen the tomcat like this kitten prowling around...but I swear I am NOT going to keep this one. {Yeah, right!}

In the middle of my work this morning, the cable TV guy showed up to try and fix whatever has been causing our bad reception. He fiddled with it for an hour or so, and I just kept working. Eventually though he needed to see the TV, so I came inside and as he worked, he talked...and talked...and talked. I must look like the type to confide in, for he talked so much I just WISHED he'd shut up and leave, forget about the cable problem. I was tired, but I tried to be patient anyway; and he was young, just a kid really, so I listened to his plans for "moving up in the company"...etc. I am not even sure he really got the problem fixed, so DH will have a fit if there's no improvement. DH has been threatening to switch to dish or direct TV ever since we moved here. Oh well.

I gotta go, need to check on the kittens and mom cat. I'll try to get pictures soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Okay, FINALLY some pictures. Only three, but bear in mind that the back porch still isn't completely done. We plan to paint the back of the house, so I didn't take a direct photo of that. Also, we have to remove one window entirely and create a door where the other window is now. Those tasks will hopefully get started next weekend. When finished, I'll take updated photos.

At any rate, you can see the new photos at this URL:

Improvements April 2004

DH went back to work today, and I'd planned to rest. However, I ended up doing a lot of housework, some stuff I'd put off during the past week. I DID go on my bike ride, since the temps have cooled back into the high 60s, nice! I went on the killer loop, and it was really tough after a week off. But I needed that workout too. If I don't watch it, I'm going to end up having to diet again! Right now I stay between 99-101...and when I go over 100 lbs, I feel depressed, in need of a serious diet again. The regular exercise helps, though I need to cut back on calories too; just can't seem to get motivated to starve!

Bitty kitty still hasn't had the kittens. City kitty is doing great, now seems at home here.

DH and I did go on a car ride yesterday afternoon; we needed a bit of a break, to get away for a little while. We also had some thundershowers, and couldn't have done much anyway. Sunday night we stayed up very late, watching a movie I'd taped, "Almost Famous." I have to admit it was a GREAT movie, and lived up to the hype. There is one scene aboard an airplane where the band members think it's about to crash that is the funniest scene I've ever witnessed. Hard to explain why it's funny, and I don't wish to spoil it for others...but it was hilarious!

More later, IF I ever get time to write! :-(

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Just a brief update to say I'm still alive. But this past week has been the week from Hell! DH and I worked ourselves to death, and to top it all off, I got sick mid-week with a stomach virus. I wasn't able to do a thing one day, but vomit and feel drained, sick. I have no idea why I had this, but at least I seem to be over it now.

The back porch is done, yaaah! What a job it was, mostly for DH. However, I spent most of my time painting the small barn out back, transforming it from the grayish color to barn red with white trim. It looks great, and I hope to have pictures soon of all the improvements. We STILL have tons to do, but I think we've about burned out on the work. We sure need a break -- but DH has tomorrow off, and we will probably keep working. We need to put in a door where a window is located in the den/TV room, which will lead out onto the huge back porch. And then, there's more exterior window trim to paint. Frankly though, some of it will just have to wait!

Bitty kitty (the stray female that was here when we moved in) still hasn't had her kittens, but she looks due any day now. The city kitty I brought here is doing fine; she's started taking little forays into the bushes and nearby pasture. They still don't like each other, but are tolerating one another's presence. Both like the new back porch though.

In the meantime, looks like the situation in Iraq continues to deteroriate, become more violent and chaotic every day. Methinks the Bushies have no clue what they are doing over there.

Gotta run. One of these days, DH and I ARE going to take some time off. You can say lots of things about us, but by God, we ARE NOT lazy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Busy week thus far! But then, I knew it would be!!!

The back porch is coming along great, but we still had to do a good bit of painting...steadily making progress though. It is SO good to step out onto a porch instead of that small landing.

I finally got a chance to go on the bike ride today, and it was HOT! We're in the low 80s today, and it feels like SUMMER in Dixie. Plus, my allergies are acting up big time, since we need rain and the pollen is terrible.

I recently learned our old house was built in 1918, so it is still short of being 100 years old. I am doing some extensive research on the house, and will post more once I have some facts to report.

I'm outta here for now.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Busy, busy, busy! I painted the front steps this morning, and the entryway really does look better now. I'll try to get a picture soon.

Goodness, what is going on in Iraq? You think I haven't kept up with the mad, mad world over there? Well how about this news article today:

Five Marines Die in Iraq Border Fighting

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said last week he had not anticipated such a high death toll. Gen. Richard B. Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Sunday there was no way to predict casualties.

You'd think our defense secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff WOULD know what the heck they are doing over there, huh? Just call them:


Scary stuff!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Next week promises to be a verrrry busy week: DH is off, and we'll try to build a back porch of some sort. We may start with a deck, and then later put a roof on it. But at least it will be an improvement over the tiny landing and steep steps that go out the back door.

Today is quite warm, near 80 degrees, but I went on my bike ride anyway. I rode mostly in a nearby subdivision. Earlier I scrubbed the bathroom tile again, and it sure looks nice and clean, shiny now. That was a huge task though!

What is going on in Iraq? I doubt that many of you read the Charlie Reese column that I link to at the bottom of this blog, but today he hits the nail on the head when it comes to the latest violence in Iraq. Here's an excerpt:


Here's a story from Arabic folklore. A man returned to his village after an absence of several days. He met his best friend, and they sat down to drink tea.

"Do you remember the man who offended me 25 years ago?" the man asked his friend.


"Well, I killed him two days ago."

"Why were you in such a hurry?" his friend asked.

Now here is a true story reported in the news some months back. An American officer went to the home of a family whose young son had been killed by American soldiers who mistook him for an enemy.

"What compensation would you accept for your son?" the American officer asked.

"Ten dead Americans," the father replied.

You can read the remainder of the column by clicking on the link at the bottom of my blog. But remember this: Iraqis/Middle Easterners DO always get revenge -- no matter how long it takes. Now THAT is a scary thought, huh? GW seems to be living in a fantasy world when he thinks that the USA can CHANGE this most essential practice of Middle Easterners that has survived for decades BEFORE America even existed.

And now, I'm outta here for today!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Not much to report today. I went on the "Killer Bike Loop," and though it was a terrific wind against me almost all the way, I did survive. I should sleep well tonight!

Good news about the city kitty: she seems to be adapting here. Today I allowed her access outdoors all day, and she's prowled around the yard at random. I once saw her sitting on the top of a fence post (a small section of wood fence we are using for privacy) which was perhaps the only familiar thing she saw. In town, we had a high wood fence around the backyard, and she would sit on it a lot. Then I once saw her sitting on the cellar door, sunning herself. She also tagged along after me as I walked around the yard, and then followed me to the kitchen door -- so she knows where I am, that I'm nearby. I think she'll be satisfied to stay here, at least as long as she can run back into the utility shed if she gets scared. I left the door open a crack, but she can also enter/exit at the back through a window that is open just enough for her to get through. I haven't seen her use the window yet, but have been trying to lure her out that way, since it is kinda high (a table underneath it with cat food/water), and would be somewhat safer. It opens out onto the area near the barn and pasture, which is also safer for her to explore. At any rate, I DO feel better about bringing her here now, and hope she'll survive as long as her health does okay.

It's only in the high 50s today, but sunny and with strong winds. Feels more like early March than mid-April! But I'm not going to complain, since soon it'll be hot as hades here in the South.

I've begun reading lots of fiction again, and I'm engrossed in a book titled, "The Robber Bride" by Margaret Atwood. I have to confess that I don't like any of her other novels, but this one has engaged my attention. I read almost every night, and I hope this is the beginning of my renewed interest in fiction -- reading AND writing it eventually. I have some really interesting story ideas, if only I can get motivated to actually write/develop them!

Our cable TV has been weird since last night, and DH is supposed to have called them today to see what is wrong. It is so bad we can't watch one TV set at all. We did halfway hear Bush's lame speech last night, and later, on a different set, I was able to watch Nightline interviews with reporters. As they all stated, "The honeymoon is over"...which means that the press is about to eat GW alive. Usually the press allows a new president a year or so of grace till they start to really come down hard on him. In GW's case though, we had 9/11, which meant that the 'grace period' was extended somewhat. But it's over now, and I don't think GW has the wit and intelligence to stand their direct grilling, once they let loose on him. He sure looked stupid last night when they asked pointed, direct questioning that he seemed unable to respond to, or answer in any coherent way.

As for Iraq, our mad, mad world there continues. It looks more and more like Vietnam to me, and I am really sorry that so many young Americans AND Iraqis are losing their lives over something that seems...ill-fated, to say the least. What seems to be happening there is what so many in the intelligence community predicted all along: these "tribes" are going to fight for power, and to think we could waltz in there and just force democracy on them, what a joke! But the joke is on US, the Americans, because this new tactic of taking contractors and/or any civilian as hostages...well, I don't think too many here in the USA have the stomach to watch hostages being burned alive. But should we be surprised this has occurred? I don't think so, since it is not even unusual for this kind of tactic to be used where the opponents have NO valid military options due to lack of sophisticated weaponry. It is probably going to get worse too...not better. I have no answer, except one thought: We need a President who can be diplomatic and develop/mend wounds with the UN, so we can get other countries involved in peacekeeping over there. Otherwise, lots of bloodshed is ahead for Americans there -- military and civilian.

And that's it for today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

What's new? Nothing much, though we're having unseasonably COLD weather today/tonight. In the 30s tonight with some snow flurries. How's that for drastic change in Dixie?

I had to grocery shop earlier, and it's a raw day out there, light rain and windy. Every time I put my winter clothing away, I have to dig it out I've just left it all hanging in the closet for now.

Stray city cat is still lodging in the utility shed; she's been out a few times, while I watch from the house. She looks around, goes sniffing various stuff....but always returns rather quickly to the shed. It's so cold and windy out today, I haven't let her out, but have 'visited' with her, petted her and gave her lots of treats. Tomorrow it should warm up nicely, and I will probably leave the shed door cracked all day so she can get out and explore more. I am hoping she can adjust to the outdoors here. If not, I may just bring her inside, though it'll be risky due to her own health problems (runny eyes/nose, etc.) as well as my indoor cats' health problems. But darn it, she seems to WANT to be an indoor cat now. Oh well.

The other stray female cat here dogs my steps if I leave the house; she meows a lot, and looks like she'll have kittens soon. But she has her territory staked out in the barn, and I don't intend to take her into the house!

The weekend was nice in that DH and I got away from work for awhile. We went on a couple of long drives, and spent the afternoons relaxing. However, he is off next week for vacation, and we have decided to build a backporch. I really HATE the steep steps with only a small landing at the rear door, and a backporch would be greatly helpful. Don't know how much it'll cost, but I've decided to sell my laptop. I haven't had it long, a year or so, and haven't used it more than once a week -- and not at all in the past month. I just don't need it, and I can get enough out of that to probably pay for the back I have an ad running locally, and hope it'll sell soon.

This morning I had an idea for a short's my notes:

Title: I'll Come Back

A thief, an outlaw breaks into a posh home, and is robbing the place when the owner, a high-class lady, comes back unexpectedly. She is gorgeous, tall, thin, high cheekbones, dark hair and eyes, and classy....but oddly supernatural-looking, spooky.

Confrontation ensues, then the thief decides he must kill her. She first pleads for him not to, but then seems resigned. As he is about to kill her, she makes a strange last statement: "I'll come back as another woman, and I'll haunt you forever."

Spooked, but not being superstitious or religious, the thief kills her anyway. Her last look, the strange glow in her dark eyes, makes him feel creepy...and the remainder of the story focuses on what happens to him, how she DOES haunt him in the form of another woman?

I think I'm feeling the itch to write fiction again....and maybe I'll actually develop this idea soon!

I'm outta here!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Just a brief entry, before I get busy today. I have a trip to town, some shopping, mainly to buy special dry cat food at the pet store. I found the Science Diet, Adult formula agrees with Buddy (who had the kidney stone problem) and is a bit cheaper than buying from the Vet. It also agrees with the other cats, and they love it. But I can only get this dry food at the Pet Depot located in Cullman.

At any rate, I added a few new photos -- a couple of the rearranged house, now that we have a small den in the back and dining nook in the kitchen. Also, there's a picture of the new stray female cat, who has become more and more tame! :-) Just click on the "Farmhouse Country Life" link on the sidebar, and the photos are there.

Yesterday I opened the door to the shed a little, and the stray cat I brought here came out, took one look around and darted back inside! She seems to prefer staying in there for now, and actually it seems to be helping her sinus and/or cold problem. Rain later today and tomorrow, so I may just let her stay in there till it clears up and is warm, sunny again. However, I DO go out there several times a day, and pet her, feed her, etc. She purrs a mile a minute and is affectionate.

DH is at the house in town, finishing the garage sweep-up and will bring back a few things. There's an old picnic table there I want to fix up for feeding the two stray cats here, and some special made sleeping quarters I will scrub, then put out for this stray I brought here.

Must get moving now!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Signed, sealed and delivered...our house is officially rented! The new renters signed the six-month lease yesterday afternoon, and hopefully we won't be going there much or having a lot of upkeep now. Which means we'll have more time to concentrate on this old house exterior -- lots of painting ahead!

DH will take the week of 19th-25th off for some of his vacation time, and maybe we'll get a lot accomplished here then.

I managed to capture the stray tabby female yesterday afternoon; she'd been living in the backyard there in town for at least two years. It had been three weeks since we moved, and every time I returned, she was waiting patiently for me. I could not bear seeing her 'waiting' and abandoned. The can of tuna lured her into the carrier, I popped the door closed and that was it. Actually, it's simple to catch a feral that way -- but NEVER, EVER rush them; they will enter the carrier for tuna just about every time.

I put the stray inside the utility shed out back here, and she seems fine this morning. I put out dry food, water and cat litter; she hated the carrier, of course, but seems not to mind being in the shed. I went in there this morning, took her a can of cat food, which she ate heartily. And she purred and purred and purred, weaving around my legs affectionately. I haven't let her outside yet, for I want her to realize I am close by, and not going to leave. Also, when I do let her out, I plan to stay close by and see what she does -- allowing her access to re-enter the shed if she wishes to do so for a day or so. Then perhaps she'll follow the other stray female cat and go into the nearby hay barn to sleep. I sure am hoping she doesn't run away, but I really think she just wants to be near me, like she was at the house in town.

I did a lot of housework this morning, and plan on my bike ride in about an hour. I didn't ride the bike yesterday, due to having to meet the renters and get the lease prepared for signatures. I believe that these renters will be excellent, and pay on time, as well as take good care of the house/yard in town. We'll see, I suppose. This is our first experience with renting, and we'll just have to learn as we go along.

Beautiful day here...sunny and nearly 75. Perfect for a bike ride later.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Back from a GREAT bike ride. No, biking isn't the ONLY thing on my mind or agenda these days, it just seems to be top on the list of entries! :-) DH took me on a loop of country blacktop yesterday afternoon on our way elsewhere, so that I could map out a ride. I'm not sure how many miles this ride is, but it sure is fun.

I have some new photos at: Rural Bike Rides I'll be adding more as time permits. The loop takes me through a cement tunnel/overpass, across a railroad track, and has beautiful country scenery all the way! I would guess this is about a five-to-seven mile loop, and there's a few hills...but none so steep that I have to dismount!

Instead of working at our house in town, we went and picked up Buttercup and her new colt. Couldn't wait to have her "home." I will try to get some pics soon, since it was near dark when we returned last night and she and her colt seem to have been off exploring the pasture today, not close enough to take photos.

We did stop by the house in town, and I tried to coax the stray female tabby into a carrier with some cat food. No dice though. And I DO have the scratch marks to prove that I attempted getting a feral cat in a carrier. Usually if you slyly place some smelly food in a carrier, they'll ease in there and eat. BUT NEVER get in a rush, as I was last night, and attempt to just lightly give them a little shove into the carrier... Nope, won't work. I will try again perhaps tomorrow, when she may be hungrier -- although with that supply of dry food, she may never be real hungry. However, I have rarely found a cat that can resist canned tuna, and will use that as bait next time. I'd like to bring her her here, keep her in the small utility house overnight and then let her out the next day... I do believe she'll stay here, for she likes to be near me and doesn't roam.

Oh, today I FINALLY received the six Colorado Blue Spruce trees I ordered. These are about two-feet tall, and we will plant them across the front yard. I had just about given up on these, but they'd been forwarded via it's nothing short of a miracle that they actually arrived...and seem healthy. I have already bought and planted three cypress evergreens, and will intersperse these new ones with those. I want to create a line of thick evergreens to shield the house from the noise of the traffic, as well as give more privacy.

I also saw a sign today just as I biked onto this road that runs in front of our house (at the far, far end of it)...and the speed limit is 35 MPH. Good grief, people drive like bats out of hell, going at least 50 to 60 MPH. I do believe DH is going to put a 'bug' in the right ear of those who will do something about the speeders soon.

That's about all the news for now. Hopefully I can find some time soon to answer emails, since I seem to have a few that need replies. Please be patient, I promise emails soon.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Busy day, as usual. I had to buy groceries, and also shopped at one of the discount stores in the nearby mall. I mean I thoroughly explored it, which I'd not done before. I found some great bargains, and got a few more items for the house. But I stayed a very long time!

When I got back, and after unloading all that stuff, I went on a bike ride. It is near 75 today, and HOT when riding, so I wore shorts. I must have biked at least ten miles, since I rode on the rural blacktops instead of the cemetery. But I can get up great speed, and during the early afternoons there is hardly any traffic. It sure is a different kind of bike ride, because I love the picturesque country scenery -- and once, a critter was about to cross the road but ran as I approached. It looked sort of like a beaver, but I'm not sure exactly what it was. Anyhow, I got a good workout today, and worked up a sweat too.

It's sort of funny though, in that the few cars or pickups or SUVs that pass me on the bike...the people inside look as if I'm nuts. I guess they wonder why I'm on a bike, instead of in a vehicle. How about they get off their fat asses (which, if you watch the news, you know there's an epidemic of fat in the USA) and hit the road on a bike. Guaranteed to work that fat off ya! :-)

Oh, big news. We're getting one of our past horses back this weekend. Buttercup and her colt will soon be ours again. We've had her off and on for the past ten years or so; she is a great riding horse, plus gentle and likes people. Every time DH has sold her, it was with the assurance that IF the owner didn't keep her, we'd get to buy her back. He's made a lot of money that way. Buttercup has also had some great colts, and a few of the owners wanted her for breeding. But this last owner bought some other horses, and just had too many, so he decided we could buy Buttercup back. And her colt is only a little over a month old, another Palomino male colt. It'll be fun to have a small colt around again!

I'm still adding photos to the new website with more space. You can access it by the link on the sidebar to Farmhouse Country Life.

After our meal, DH and I will go back to the house in town one last time. He needs to get a few more items from the garage, and we'll also take a recliner from there to my mother's house. Hopefully this will be our last trip there for awhile. I'm considering nabbing the gray-striped tabby female stray and bringing her here. I think she'd stay around, since she seldom left the yard there at the house in town. The male tom roamed a lot, and he might not stay here. We'll see, I guess. The female stray here is becoming very tame, expects her regular meals, AND I am fairly sure she's pregnant. The gray-striped female from town would help with her kittens; she gets in heat, but never pregnant, and has "helped" with other kittens born in that neighborhood, because I witnessed her do so.

Gotta go!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Yippee! Looks like we've rented our house in town. And about time too, since we are both exhausted from taking care of TWO houses -- neither of them youngsters! At any rate, Saturday morning a couple came to see the house; the guy is a marine recruiter (don't lecture me about this, even though I am against the Iraqi 'occupation'); the woman is Japanese, and works with a local Japanese company as a translator. Ahem, this means THEY CAN AFFORD THE RENT WE ARE ASKING!

Guess what? It gets better: they have NO children, and both are in their mid-30s. Didn't look like they want any either, hurrah! Now the only negative: they have two indoor dogs. BUT, these are very small dogs, and they rescued them both from a shelter -- which means they are animal lovers. I pointed out to them the place where I feed stray cats, and the woman seemed willing to keep up the practice. The dogs will stay indoors primarily (probably sometimes on the sunporch where I kept my cats), and will only be outdoors or in the back yard if on a leash. The city has a strict leash law, and in the lease, they must agree to abide by all city ordinances.

I suppose having two small dogs in the house is preferrable over kids. And they paid a large deposit, so if there's damage we can keep that for repairs. However, they seem to be VERY responsible pet owners, and that DOES make a difference. DH was really impressed by them, and the marine is a district recruiter over several cities, so he travels and his wife stays some by herself. I always felt very safe living there, and I think she will too.

They were just crazy about the house, the yard and especially the sunporch for pets. At present, they are looking over the lease, and if agreeable, they will move as soon as possible. They've been here for 3 years, and the marine said he is sure he'll be here at least one more year. IF they have to move then, I hope we can then rent this quickly again.

My Friday work session had the inside of the house spic-and-span; and I painted bathroom shelves and the windowframes on the pet sunporch. Saturday afternoon we painted the large walk-in closet, the foundation of the house, and worked again in that messy garage. Sunday we finished up, just about; I ended up by moping the floors. And we took down the "For Rent" sign.

Oh, Sunday morning I decided I wanted to make the dining room here at the old house into a small den where we can watch TV. The traffic noise is bothersome in the living room, where we had the TV; I just can't seem to get used to that traffic, though at times there is none at all. Anyhow, we rearranged furniture, took the bar out of the kitchen, and put the small fold-down leaf table there for meals. Then we put some of the living room set (two big chairs) in the small den, along with the entertainment center; it's cozy, but just fine. And I DO like this better -- it was our original plan, but we wanted to try the living room, which by the way, still has the sofa and plenty of furniture...but we'll use it more as a 'formal living room' for company.

I also went on a short bike ride, but I'd already spent the morning cleaning, etc. here and was too tired to ride as long as usual. It is a beautiful day, in the 60s; we've had nights in the 30s lately. Not complaining though, for soon it'll be HOT here in Dixie.

Hopefully if we can get those renters in the house, that will not be much work in the future and we can concentrate on this old house. We have loads yet to do, but wanted to get the other house rented before we tackled much more. It'll sure be a relief to get some income coming in from that, as well as not having to pay two sets of utility bills every month!

My internet service here has been sooooo slow, I was thinking I'd have to get another provider. But today I unplugged ALL the other phones in the house (which the ISP recommends) and it sure is faster now. Perhaps there's some sort of interference in the line with the other phones? Who knows!?

Must go now, but I am really glad that things seem to be working out according to our plans. We had planned to get moved here, and the house in town rented in six months...and April 15th will be just about six months since we bought this old house. So we're ahead of schedule! :-)

And last but not least, I found a new almost unlimited online FREE photo storage site. I'm adding the newest updates of the old house HERE. There's also a permanent link on the sidebar entitled, "Farmhouse Country Life." ENJOY, because there's more to come now that I've found free storage, with more space!

Friday, April 02, 2004

Very early, and I am about to start a busy day. I plan to work all day at the house in town, trying to get some last-minute stuff done before potential renters come look at it tomorrow. We've had several calls, and two people extremely interested, so maybe we're about to rent the place. I hope so, because I do want someone living there, perhaps taking care of the stray cats and we can use the rental income.

I also worked Wednesday part of the day there, made sure the stray cats had food, took a can to them also as a treat. The usual two are still hanging around, and I do have sleeping quarters for them in the back part of the yard, along with the shelter for automatic feeder/waterer, so it's not as if I abandoned them to starve. I just hope the renters will help take care of those two, and I'm sure the cats will adapt to the new people...especially as this one couple don't have children.

Yesterday I rode a long time on my bike, exploring new roads, wandering here and there; it was a very good workout. I did ride a short while in the cemetery, but the caretakers were mowing, so I cut that short.

Our weather has turned quite nippy, but it's nice because the cooler temps have killed off the latest batch of bugs. I'm feeding the stray cat here now regularly; she shows up at the back door morning and night, and yowls if she doesn't get a can of cat food. She let me pet her last night for the first time, and then began rubbing up against my legs, so she's taming down some. Pretty and healthy, but I think she is pregnant; I know for sure she has been in heat recently.

And now I've got to get moving!