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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Rainy Day

Cold rain again, but I braved the weather and went to town for errands. I stopped at a couple stores, ended up at Walmart -- hate to get in that behemoth store, like going on a hiking trip. Nevertheless, I stocked up on several items, and won't have to return for some time. I usually only make one trip a month to Walmart, and that's enough!

We may get sleet/snow here tonight and tomorrow, though probably no accumulations. I hate sleet, since it can coat power lines and cause loss of electricity. Fortunately I have back-up gas heaters because my central natural gas heat comes from a furnace with an electric start.

I prepared the garage for the outside cats -- there's a cat door in the entry door. I turned on a heat lamp, put their bedding out there, then coaxed them all inside with a smelly can of cat food. Maybe they'll stay in there, though I wouldn't bet all of them will. Year before last we had a fairly big snow, several inches, and it stayed frigid long enough that days went by without any melting. All the outside cats stayed in the garage, warm & toasty with a heat lamp.

One day I was out in the driveway doing something, and Mister Mister came out the cat door. He walked very carefully over to the snow, put one paw in and then shook it indignantly. That was enough for him -- he raced back into the garage! Ha! They all stayed in there for the duration of the snow.

Just a quick prompt for today:

Your weekly laundry tip.

I would have to say a tip I'd read but didn't think would work was to apply liquid laundry detergent to a grease spot on clothing, let it sit a short time, then laundry with the other clothing. It really works, will remove grease spots and blood or other stubborn stains.

With that, I'm outta here to do some housework.

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