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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Current state of my life

What's new?

I finished my latest novel and it's now at Amazon. Here's a link: Lonesome Moon Road I am planning a promo Dec. 26-29, and will reduce the current price, $2.99, to .99 during that period. Thought readers who get new Kindles for Christmas might be looking for novels at that time.

I'm now researching for another ghost story, but not sure if that is the only theme. I have been fascinated by cryonics for some time, and what better place to set a ghost story than in a building where bodies/heads of the deceased are contained in liquid nitrogen, frozen for preservation? It's just creepy in some indefinable way, but as usual, I am sure my protagonist WILL define the eerie atmosphere.

My working title is "Nowhere." Protagonist is a security guard at this facility, and though the setting/company has some aspects of the real places, I've created an entirely fictional company in a location (mountains of Colorado) where no such place exists. Or at least that is where I'm at now in background/setting info. There is so MUCH that goes into writing even a novella and/or novel before the author ever begins the actual story. Not that I'm complaining; I love research, but have to restrain myself at some point or I would never tell the story!

In other news, life goes along smoothly. I've been battling the fallen leaves, but just about finished for this year. The battery-blower I have has helped, but I still raked leaves too. I am feeling well, physically; but one never knows. People my age are dropping like flies, so it's best to be prepared.

On that note, between writing projects, I spent a couple weeks sorting/shredding old photos that I hadn't looked at in ages. I did keep some, but whittled those down to a small box. If I should move to a condo, that would be one less mess to cart with me. I try to live light, keeping possessions to those needed/used. After spending months clearing out my late husband's many, many possessions, I vowed never to leave behind unfinished business. Therefore, I remain vigilant.

My dogs are doing well. I have started taking them to a nearby small park, which isn't too hard on my knees/bunion. Still haven't decided on bunion surgery, though my foot hurts when I do a lot of walking and/or standing. And my spinal issues are always an ongoing problem -- but as with arthritis, some of this is just aging. Not sure surgery and/or medical intervention can fix that!

And that is it for now.