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Friday, April 02, 2004

Very early, and I am about to start a busy day. I plan to work all day at the house in town, trying to get some last-minute stuff done before potential renters come look at it tomorrow. We've had several calls, and two people extremely interested, so maybe we're about to rent the place. I hope so, because I do want someone living there, perhaps taking care of the stray cats and we can use the rental income.

I also worked Wednesday part of the day there, made sure the stray cats had food, took a can to them also as a treat. The usual two are still hanging around, and I do have sleeping quarters for them in the back part of the yard, along with the shelter for automatic feeder/waterer, so it's not as if I abandoned them to starve. I just hope the renters will help take care of those two, and I'm sure the cats will adapt to the new people...especially as this one couple don't have children.

Yesterday I rode a long time on my bike, exploring new roads, wandering here and there; it was a very good workout. I did ride a short while in the cemetery, but the caretakers were mowing, so I cut that short.

Our weather has turned quite nippy, but it's nice because the cooler temps have killed off the latest batch of bugs. I'm feeding the stray cat here now regularly; she shows up at the back door morning and night, and yowls if she doesn't get a can of cat food. She let me pet her last night for the first time, and then began rubbing up against my legs, so she's taming down some. Pretty and healthy, but I think she is pregnant; I know for sure she has been in heat recently.

And now I've got to get moving!

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