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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Not much to report today. I went on the "Killer Bike Loop," and though it was a terrific wind against me almost all the way, I did survive. I should sleep well tonight!

Good news about the city kitty: she seems to be adapting here. Today I allowed her access outdoors all day, and she's prowled around the yard at random. I once saw her sitting on the top of a fence post (a small section of wood fence we are using for privacy) which was perhaps the only familiar thing she saw. In town, we had a high wood fence around the backyard, and she would sit on it a lot. Then I once saw her sitting on the cellar door, sunning herself. She also tagged along after me as I walked around the yard, and then followed me to the kitchen door -- so she knows where I am, that I'm nearby. I think she'll be satisfied to stay here, at least as long as she can run back into the utility shed if she gets scared. I left the door open a crack, but she can also enter/exit at the back through a window that is open just enough for her to get through. I haven't seen her use the window yet, but have been trying to lure her out that way, since it is kinda high (a table underneath it with cat food/water), and would be somewhat safer. It opens out onto the area near the barn and pasture, which is also safer for her to explore. At any rate, I DO feel better about bringing her here now, and hope she'll survive as long as her health does okay.

It's only in the high 50s today, but sunny and with strong winds. Feels more like early March than mid-April! But I'm not going to complain, since soon it'll be hot as hades here in the South.

I've begun reading lots of fiction again, and I'm engrossed in a book titled, "The Robber Bride" by Margaret Atwood. I have to confess that I don't like any of her other novels, but this one has engaged my attention. I read almost every night, and I hope this is the beginning of my renewed interest in fiction -- reading AND writing it eventually. I have some really interesting story ideas, if only I can get motivated to actually write/develop them!

Our cable TV has been weird since last night, and DH is supposed to have called them today to see what is wrong. It is so bad we can't watch one TV set at all. We did halfway hear Bush's lame speech last night, and later, on a different set, I was able to watch Nightline interviews with reporters. As they all stated, "The honeymoon is over"...which means that the press is about to eat GW alive. Usually the press allows a new president a year or so of grace till they start to really come down hard on him. In GW's case though, we had 9/11, which meant that the 'grace period' was extended somewhat. But it's over now, and I don't think GW has the wit and intelligence to stand their direct grilling, once they let loose on him. He sure looked stupid last night when they asked pointed, direct questioning that he seemed unable to respond to, or answer in any coherent way.

As for Iraq, our mad, mad world there continues. It looks more and more like Vietnam to me, and I am really sorry that so many young Americans AND Iraqis are losing their lives over something that seems...ill-fated, to say the least. What seems to be happening there is what so many in the intelligence community predicted all along: these "tribes" are going to fight for power, and to think we could waltz in there and just force democracy on them, what a joke! But the joke is on US, the Americans, because this new tactic of taking contractors and/or any civilian as hostages...well, I don't think too many here in the USA have the stomach to watch hostages being burned alive. But should we be surprised this has occurred? I don't think so, since it is not even unusual for this kind of tactic to be used where the opponents have NO valid military options due to lack of sophisticated weaponry. It is probably going to get worse too...not better. I have no answer, except one thought: We need a President who can be diplomatic and develop/mend wounds with the UN, so we can get other countries involved in peacekeeping over there. Otherwise, lots of bloodshed is ahead for Americans there -- military and civilian.

And that's it for today.

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