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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Just a brief entry, before I get busy today. I have a trip to town, some shopping, mainly to buy special dry cat food at the pet store. I found the Science Diet, Adult formula agrees with Buddy (who had the kidney stone problem) and is a bit cheaper than buying from the Vet. It also agrees with the other cats, and they love it. But I can only get this dry food at the Pet Depot located in Cullman.

At any rate, I added a few new photos -- a couple of the rearranged house, now that we have a small den in the back and dining nook in the kitchen. Also, there's a picture of the new stray female cat, who has become more and more tame! :-) Just click on the "Farmhouse Country Life" link on the sidebar, and the photos are there.

Yesterday I opened the door to the shed a little, and the stray cat I brought here came out, took one look around and darted back inside! She seems to prefer staying in there for now, and actually it seems to be helping her sinus and/or cold problem. Rain later today and tomorrow, so I may just let her stay in there till it clears up and is warm, sunny again. However, I DO go out there several times a day, and pet her, feed her, etc. She purrs a mile a minute and is affectionate.

DH is at the house in town, finishing the garage sweep-up and will bring back a few things. There's an old picnic table there I want to fix up for feeding the two stray cats here, and some special made sleeping quarters I will scrub, then put out for this stray I brought here.

Must get moving now!

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