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Friday, April 09, 2004

Signed, sealed and delivered...our house is officially rented! The new renters signed the six-month lease yesterday afternoon, and hopefully we won't be going there much or having a lot of upkeep now. Which means we'll have more time to concentrate on this old house exterior -- lots of painting ahead!

DH will take the week of 19th-25th off for some of his vacation time, and maybe we'll get a lot accomplished here then.

I managed to capture the stray tabby female yesterday afternoon; she'd been living in the backyard there in town for at least two years. It had been three weeks since we moved, and every time I returned, she was waiting patiently for me. I could not bear seeing her 'waiting' and abandoned. The can of tuna lured her into the carrier, I popped the door closed and that was it. Actually, it's simple to catch a feral that way -- but NEVER, EVER rush them; they will enter the carrier for tuna just about every time.

I put the stray inside the utility shed out back here, and she seems fine this morning. I put out dry food, water and cat litter; she hated the carrier, of course, but seems not to mind being in the shed. I went in there this morning, took her a can of cat food, which she ate heartily. And she purred and purred and purred, weaving around my legs affectionately. I haven't let her outside yet, for I want her to realize I am close by, and not going to leave. Also, when I do let her out, I plan to stay close by and see what she does -- allowing her access to re-enter the shed if she wishes to do so for a day or so. Then perhaps she'll follow the other stray female cat and go into the nearby hay barn to sleep. I sure am hoping she doesn't run away, but I really think she just wants to be near me, like she was at the house in town.

I did a lot of housework this morning, and plan on my bike ride in about an hour. I didn't ride the bike yesterday, due to having to meet the renters and get the lease prepared for signatures. I believe that these renters will be excellent, and pay on time, as well as take good care of the house/yard in town. We'll see, I suppose. This is our first experience with renting, and we'll just have to learn as we go along.

Beautiful day here...sunny and nearly 75. Perfect for a bike ride later.

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