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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Back from a GREAT bike ride. No, biking isn't the ONLY thing on my mind or agenda these days, it just seems to be top on the list of entries! :-) DH took me on a loop of country blacktop yesterday afternoon on our way elsewhere, so that I could map out a ride. I'm not sure how many miles this ride is, but it sure is fun.

I have some new photos at: Rural Bike Rides I'll be adding more as time permits. The loop takes me through a cement tunnel/overpass, across a railroad track, and has beautiful country scenery all the way! I would guess this is about a five-to-seven mile loop, and there's a few hills...but none so steep that I have to dismount!

Instead of working at our house in town, we went and picked up Buttercup and her new colt. Couldn't wait to have her "home." I will try to get some pics soon, since it was near dark when we returned last night and she and her colt seem to have been off exploring the pasture today, not close enough to take photos.

We did stop by the house in town, and I tried to coax the stray female tabby into a carrier with some cat food. No dice though. And I DO have the scratch marks to prove that I attempted getting a feral cat in a carrier. Usually if you slyly place some smelly food in a carrier, they'll ease in there and eat. BUT NEVER get in a rush, as I was last night, and attempt to just lightly give them a little shove into the carrier... Nope, won't work. I will try again perhaps tomorrow, when she may be hungrier -- although with that supply of dry food, she may never be real hungry. However, I have rarely found a cat that can resist canned tuna, and will use that as bait next time. I'd like to bring her her here, keep her in the small utility house overnight and then let her out the next day... I do believe she'll stay here, for she likes to be near me and doesn't roam.

Oh, today I FINALLY received the six Colorado Blue Spruce trees I ordered. These are about two-feet tall, and we will plant them across the front yard. I had just about given up on these, but they'd been forwarded via it's nothing short of a miracle that they actually arrived...and seem healthy. I have already bought and planted three cypress evergreens, and will intersperse these new ones with those. I want to create a line of thick evergreens to shield the house from the noise of the traffic, as well as give more privacy.

I also saw a sign today just as I biked onto this road that runs in front of our house (at the far, far end of it)...and the speed limit is 35 MPH. Good grief, people drive like bats out of hell, going at least 50 to 60 MPH. I do believe DH is going to put a 'bug' in the right ear of those who will do something about the speeders soon.

That's about all the news for now. Hopefully I can find some time soon to answer emails, since I seem to have a few that need replies. Please be patient, I promise emails soon.

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