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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Busy day, as usual. I had to buy groceries, and also shopped at one of the discount stores in the nearby mall. I mean I thoroughly explored it, which I'd not done before. I found some great bargains, and got a few more items for the house. But I stayed a very long time!

When I got back, and after unloading all that stuff, I went on a bike ride. It is near 75 today, and HOT when riding, so I wore shorts. I must have biked at least ten miles, since I rode on the rural blacktops instead of the cemetery. But I can get up great speed, and during the early afternoons there is hardly any traffic. It sure is a different kind of bike ride, because I love the picturesque country scenery -- and once, a critter was about to cross the road but ran as I approached. It looked sort of like a beaver, but I'm not sure exactly what it was. Anyhow, I got a good workout today, and worked up a sweat too.

It's sort of funny though, in that the few cars or pickups or SUVs that pass me on the bike...the people inside look as if I'm nuts. I guess they wonder why I'm on a bike, instead of in a vehicle. How about they get off their fat asses (which, if you watch the news, you know there's an epidemic of fat in the USA) and hit the road on a bike. Guaranteed to work that fat off ya! :-)

Oh, big news. We're getting one of our past horses back this weekend. Buttercup and her colt will soon be ours again. We've had her off and on for the past ten years or so; she is a great riding horse, plus gentle and likes people. Every time DH has sold her, it was with the assurance that IF the owner didn't keep her, we'd get to buy her back. He's made a lot of money that way. Buttercup has also had some great colts, and a few of the owners wanted her for breeding. But this last owner bought some other horses, and just had too many, so he decided we could buy Buttercup back. And her colt is only a little over a month old, another Palomino male colt. It'll be fun to have a small colt around again!

I'm still adding photos to the new website with more space. You can access it by the link on the sidebar to Farmhouse Country Life.

After our meal, DH and I will go back to the house in town one last time. He needs to get a few more items from the garage, and we'll also take a recliner from there to my mother's house. Hopefully this will be our last trip there for awhile. I'm considering nabbing the gray-striped tabby female stray and bringing her here. I think she'd stay around, since she seldom left the yard there at the house in town. The male tom roamed a lot, and he might not stay here. We'll see, I guess. The female stray here is becoming very tame, expects her regular meals, AND I am fairly sure she's pregnant. The gray-striped female from town would help with her kittens; she gets in heat, but never pregnant, and has "helped" with other kittens born in that neighborhood, because I witnessed her do so.

Gotta go!

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