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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I had the most extraordinary experience today on my bike ride. It had been storming off and on, and between the storms, I took off for the cemetery. I finally figured out a way to carry the camera, and I was anxious to take some pictures.

A storm had passed earlier, and went north; it was sunny when I left the house. Once I got to the cemetery, a wind came up, but still the sun was out. I first took some pictures of the weird tombstone with the full body image of the boy. You may have to lighten it a bit to see his full image, but trust me, he is there in a full image. You can see the subdivision behind him, which borders the cemetery. I have a lot of photos from the bike ride, so I'll add a link at the end of this entry.

But first let me tell you how spooky this trip turned out. I was riding the paths, taking pictures now and then...when suddenly the wind began blowing VERY hard. I could barely stay on the path. Now, I don't consider myself superstitious...most of the time, anyway. But as I looked north (and took a few photos) I realized the storm was turning south, coming back after it had gone north! Then I found the tombstones of my maiden-name ancestors, and as I took those shots, there was a peculiar fog hovering above them -- but ONLY in the pictures! I guess I freaked a bit, because I didn't see this "fog" in the graveyard, ONLY in the photos. Also, there was an "open" grave, which had just started being dug. I assumed they were planning to plant one today.

Anyhow, I felt sort of...spooked, and also realized the storm was about to hit, so I took off for home. I rode AGAINST the wind ALL the way back, and let me tell you, it was a TOUGH workout! And sure enough, the grave-digging truck passed me on the paved highway, on the way to finish that half-dug open grave! But on the dirt road, I did stop to take some pictures of my usual path...and just made it home before the rain started, hard.

I also got some fabulous photos yesterday, after a storm passed...mostly of the farm and house here. I'll try to post those soon.

At any rate, here is the link for the cemetery pictures:

Cemetery 160 Years Old

Hopefully the next time I ride, I'll carry my camera and get some good pictures of the ancient section of the cemetery.

I am LOVING living here. A NEW adventure every day as I explore the area on my bike. And now that I can carry my camera easily, I'm sure to get some fantastic pictures as I ride and explore different rural areas here.

Till later...

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