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Thursday, April 29, 2004

They're .... here! Newborn kittens this morning.... Where else but on my back porch? FIVE....that's right....FIVE kittens! As if I didn't have enough to do already, now I have five newborn kittens and a whiny, spoiled mom cat to take care of!

Bitty kitty has become soooo spoiled, and if she had her way, she'd be living in the house. But I already have five indoor cats, though they stay primarily on the new sunporch. Still, I've already been through the hassle and work of taking a stray cat in with the others and her having kittens; a nightmare, believe me! Mom cats are VERY protective, and though they are loving and sweet while pregnant, the minute those kittens arrive, they will scratch other cats' eyes out if they approach. Never again, never.

At any rate, I spent the ENTIRE morning cleaning out that utility shed, rearranging and making it better so I could put the kittens and mom cat in there. The city kitty has started spending most of her time in a nearby clump of bushes, which she seems to prefer. I did leave her food/water on a high shelf near the open window so she can come inside, eat and stay out of the way of the other cat/kittens, since they are on the floor. I worked and sweated, worked and sweated some more...but it should be fine there until the kittens are big enough to give away. And I DO plan to give them away, it at all possible.

There's three yellow-striped tabby kittens, a black-and-white kitten, and one GORGEOUS gray-striped tabby with white paws and face. You know I'm a sucker for grey tabby cats, and I had seen the tomcat like this kitten prowling around...but I swear I am NOT going to keep this one. {Yeah, right!}

In the middle of my work this morning, the cable TV guy showed up to try and fix whatever has been causing our bad reception. He fiddled with it for an hour or so, and I just kept working. Eventually though he needed to see the TV, so I came inside and as he worked, he talked...and talked...and talked. I must look like the type to confide in, for he talked so much I just WISHED he'd shut up and leave, forget about the cable problem. I was tired, but I tried to be patient anyway; and he was young, just a kid really, so I listened to his plans for "moving up in the company"...etc. I am not even sure he really got the problem fixed, so DH will have a fit if there's no improvement. DH has been threatening to switch to dish or direct TV ever since we moved here. Oh well.

I gotta go, need to check on the kittens and mom cat. I'll try to get pictures soon.

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