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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Just a brief update to say I'm still alive. But this past week has been the week from Hell! DH and I worked ourselves to death, and to top it all off, I got sick mid-week with a stomach virus. I wasn't able to do a thing one day, but vomit and feel drained, sick. I have no idea why I had this, but at least I seem to be over it now.

The back porch is done, yaaah! What a job it was, mostly for DH. However, I spent most of my time painting the small barn out back, transforming it from the grayish color to barn red with white trim. It looks great, and I hope to have pictures soon of all the improvements. We STILL have tons to do, but I think we've about burned out on the work. We sure need a break -- but DH has tomorrow off, and we will probably keep working. We need to put in a door where a window is located in the den/TV room, which will lead out onto the huge back porch. And then, there's more exterior window trim to paint. Frankly though, some of it will just have to wait!

Bitty kitty (the stray female that was here when we moved in) still hasn't had her kittens, but she looks due any day now. The city kitty I brought here is doing fine; she's started taking little forays into the bushes and nearby pasture. They still don't like each other, but are tolerating one another's presence. Both like the new back porch though.

In the meantime, looks like the situation in Iraq continues to deteroriate, become more violent and chaotic every day. Methinks the Bushies have no clue what they are doing over there.

Gotta run. One of these days, DH and I ARE going to take some time off. You can say lots of things about us, but by God, we ARE NOT lazy!!!!!!!!

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