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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

What's new? Nothing much, though we're having unseasonably COLD weather today/tonight. In the 30s tonight with some snow flurries. How's that for drastic change in Dixie?

I had to grocery shop earlier, and it's a raw day out there, light rain and windy. Every time I put my winter clothing away, I have to dig it out I've just left it all hanging in the closet for now.

Stray city cat is still lodging in the utility shed; she's been out a few times, while I watch from the house. She looks around, goes sniffing various stuff....but always returns rather quickly to the shed. It's so cold and windy out today, I haven't let her out, but have 'visited' with her, petted her and gave her lots of treats. Tomorrow it should warm up nicely, and I will probably leave the shed door cracked all day so she can get out and explore more. I am hoping she can adjust to the outdoors here. If not, I may just bring her inside, though it'll be risky due to her own health problems (runny eyes/nose, etc.) as well as my indoor cats' health problems. But darn it, she seems to WANT to be an indoor cat now. Oh well.

The other stray female cat here dogs my steps if I leave the house; she meows a lot, and looks like she'll have kittens soon. But she has her territory staked out in the barn, and I don't intend to take her into the house!

The weekend was nice in that DH and I got away from work for awhile. We went on a couple of long drives, and spent the afternoons relaxing. However, he is off next week for vacation, and we have decided to build a backporch. I really HATE the steep steps with only a small landing at the rear door, and a backporch would be greatly helpful. Don't know how much it'll cost, but I've decided to sell my laptop. I haven't had it long, a year or so, and haven't used it more than once a week -- and not at all in the past month. I just don't need it, and I can get enough out of that to probably pay for the back I have an ad running locally, and hope it'll sell soon.

This morning I had an idea for a short's my notes:

Title: I'll Come Back

A thief, an outlaw breaks into a posh home, and is robbing the place when the owner, a high-class lady, comes back unexpectedly. She is gorgeous, tall, thin, high cheekbones, dark hair and eyes, and classy....but oddly supernatural-looking, spooky.

Confrontation ensues, then the thief decides he must kill her. She first pleads for him not to, but then seems resigned. As he is about to kill her, she makes a strange last statement: "I'll come back as another woman, and I'll haunt you forever."

Spooked, but not being superstitious or religious, the thief kills her anyway. Her last look, the strange glow in her dark eyes, makes him feel creepy...and the remainder of the story focuses on what happens to him, how she DOES haunt him in the form of another woman?

I think I'm feeling the itch to write fiction again....and maybe I'll actually develop this idea soon!

I'm outta here!

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