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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Had an emergency yesterday -- the mom cat hadn't stopped bleeding, so I feared the worst...that she might have a dead kitten or some placenta stuck inside her. Naturally, off to the vet we all went: mom cat, five kittens and me. Fortunately it turns out the vet thought mom cat was just sort of torn from delivering such huge kittens. And that they are: enormous for delivery by a tiny mom cat. The vet checked mom cat, said she would probably stop bleeding in a few days. And also gave her some wormer, as well as a rabies shot, so she should be in good shape; she's eating like a tiger too.

It was an emotionally draining afternoon though, since I was worried I'd lose all the kittens if mom cat didn't survive. I could, of course, try to bottle feed the kittens, but I've tried that before and I'm not much good at it. So things are looking better today -- mom cat has hardly any bleeding, she's feeding the kittens and they all seem well. The one kitten I like most, the striped gray tabby with white paws/face seems to be the runt, and the vet said it might not survive. Still, so far, so good.

Today is muggy, too much humidity but not too hot. DH is working on putting in the new door, and I went to buy a few groceries earlier in the day. Soon I'll have to start cleaning up the mess from the new door being installed, and then cook supper. I'll be so glad to have the new door because it will be much more convenient, plus give me a good view of the back yard and barn.

I'm outta here for now!

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