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Monday, March 01, 2004

Good news and bad news to report. And of course, lots of work, work, work at the old house. Looks like we'll be moving the weekend of March 14th -- two days after our 33rd wedding anniversary!

First the good news: We have a new colt! It was born Saturday night, and is PERFECT. The mare is doing great too. Sunday one of my nephews and his friend came by to see it, and the friend ended up buying it. Of course, he won't take the new colt till it's weaned from the mare, but he put a down payment on it already! A male colt, which will be registered. I have a couple photos you can see by going HERE and looking at the bottom of the page for the two shots of the colt. At first we thought it was going to be an identical-colored Palomino to the other colt, but it also seems to have some reddish coloring too, like the mare.

The bad news: My last remaining cat of the three kittens is ailing again. He, Buddy, seemed to be completely blocked with a urinary stone on Saturday morning, so I took him to the vet. The vet said he needed to keep him, get him unobstructed...and Buddy is STILL there. The vet left a message on the answering machine Saturday afternoon saying that he'd gotten Buddy unobstructed easily, and I figured I'd go get him this morning. BUT, when I talked to the vet this morning, he said that yesterday Buddy seemed to be obstructed again...or at least, not urinating. The vet gave him some cortizone, and that made him urinate. Vet is puzzled, but says it sounds more like a combination problem of urinary irritation from the stones as well as blockage. I just don't know...because what I am really concerned about is that Buddy also has leukemia, like the other two kittens had. If so, could this be a tumor blocking problem? I do want him to live, if possible; but I'd been doing everything correctly to PREVENT stones, only feeding him the special diet cat food, etc. It makes me wonder. Plus, I dread seeing that vet bill...four days in the vet hospital. Ye Gods!

As for the move, we are steadily, rapidly moving forward. We've scheduled a professional cleaning of the carpet for early next Monday morning. Over the weekend, we'll finish up the last of the work there (hopefully), then once the carpet is clean/dry, we'll start moving stuff every day/night until the large furniture can be moved on that weekend. I am ready to move, get settled, and get this darn house in town rented for income!

Went on my bike ride earlier, which was great. It's 70 degrees here, and we had light rain all morning; during my bike ride it sprinkled a little, but it was nice. I guess I'll soon be doing a "farewell ride" in the park! But then, when we're moved I will ride on the dirt road alongside our house which leads to an old cemetery with paved paths...and I can ride in it.

I've been packing pictures today, family pictures, etc. And I've taken all the pictures/artwork off the walls here, which we'll go ahead and take to the old house and hang soon. WORK, nothing but WORK. I'm looking forward to relaxing when this is all over. At least for a few days.

Gotta run, more to get done here this afternoon.

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