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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Still working...but will have to take a break Sunday when DH and I go to my sister's house to get our income taxes done. Dread it this year, but hope that we'll get just a little money back, which would sure help on the renovation and upcoming move. I sold off the last of my stock last October, but I'm hoping the profit, balanced with a loss, will sort of balance it out.

I went on my bike ride this morning, and it was HOT. Even at 9:00 it was around 75, and I got hot and sweaty on the ride. However, it sure is great to be able to get this necessary exercise; I'm staying at 97 or 98 lbs, and seem to eat almost anything I want, within reason. I've never had much of a sweet-tooth, which can pile on the pounds. I took a snapshot this morning of myself, and will leave a permanent link to it on the sidebar. If you're interested in seeing that (not a full body shot) you can do so HERE

I'm about to head to town, do some errands, drop by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. My allergies are killing me, but I am trying to stay with OTC remedies for now.

Gotta run, lots to get done today!

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