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Friday, March 26, 2004

I finally have some pictures of the interior improvements here at our old house, now that we're moved in. You can find those HERE. I will have more soon, showing different views of the rooms, but for now these will suffice for an update.

Yesterday I rode my bike in the nearby subdivision, which is close to the old cemetery. The streets are quiet there, no traffic, and all the dogs are penned up, so they can't get at me! They do raise a ruckus, but are no threat. And the two dogs on the dirt road seem to want me to pet them, and never chase the bike.

It's warmed into the high 70s, windy and buckets of pollen everywhere. My allergies are giving me fits, but I still ride the bike because it helps me sleep better to get that aerobic workout. Plus, it keeps my weight at 98 lbs, even though I'm eating more these days.

I worked yesterday again trying to sort stuff out, change and rearrange clothing in the closets; I can't seem to get things in convenient locations, but hopefully soon I will have it all done. I also mopped the laminate flooring, vacuumed the carpet, dusted, did general housecleaning chores. I wanted to see how long it would take to get the house straightened up each day, and it's about the same time as the other house.

DH just called, and said that all the applications we had placed in a plastic box at our house for rent in town are gone. That means I will have to print out some more this afternoon; but that IS good news. We still have a good bit of cleaning to do inside the house, but wanted to put a sign and applications in front of the house so as to find out if there was going to be any potential renters. The application IS very detailed, because I'd just rather let the house sit empty than get someone in there who won't pay the rent or halfway take care of the place. And a six month lease is required as well.

My sister and I talked the other night, and ruled out my nephew renting the house when he is married in June. We both sort of agreed it might lead to hurt feelings and/or family discord if there were problems down the line.

Next week one day I must go back to the other house in town, and do some extensive cleaning -- which I'm not looking forward to, but is necessary.

So far, I'm settling in here better here than I'd thought I would. I sure do love the new side-by-side fridge, mainly because I can have ice and water any time I get thirsty (and there's a charcoal filter for water, which makes it taste much better too). I'm drinking lots more water, and that has to be good! However, every time the ice maker drops ice, I still jump nervously, can't get used to that clicking sound! The new washer and dryer are getting lots of use too.

And now I have to end this post, because I need to go to the nearby shopping mall again and pick up a few necessary items for the house. It's amazing, but once moved in, there's things I had not realized I'd another shopping trip is in order.

Someday....I'm going to have enough time to really write a long entry!!!

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