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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Forgot to mention in my earlier post of today that my cat, Buddy, is home and steadily improving. I'm being very strict about him only eating the prescription cat food the vet ordered. I'm also giving him a cortizone pill each day, as well as some liquid antibiotic. So far, so good. I missed him...

When I went to get him the other day, the vet said he had been hiding behind his litterbox, and wasn't a very social cat. Excuse me, has anyone EVER known a social, outoging cat? Don't think so. [I'm just about fed up with this vet, and probably will not go to him again.] Anyhow, when they brought Buddy out, I started talking to him, and he instantly started meowing and purring, and was SO glad to see me! When I got him home, he sat in my lap for a long time, and purred and purred! He's always had a sweet disposition, and is one of my favorite cats -- though I usually say that about them all. :-)

At any rate, he is lying here beside me as I write this entry on my laptop. Happy little fellow to be home. I just hope I can continue to help him improve and get back to his usual, happy self.

I went on my errands earlier, and then did a lot of packing this afternoon. I bought some 'slider robots' at Big Lots -- these are amazing, in that you place them under four corners of furniture and it just glides, easy for anyone to move/push. We'll need these when we are in the midst of moving and rearranging the furniture at the old house, because you just know that I won't be able to accept any arrangement until every conceivable position has been tried!

And that's it for tonight.

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