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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Oh my! When I went on my bike ride today in the cemetery, I saw the strangest tombstone I've EVER seen! I guess this must be a new trend, because when I looked closer at some of the newer stones, I saw several that were similar...but none so weird.

Today I reversed my direction of riding the paths, and that is when I spotted this peculiar is huge, probably over ten feet tall. Dark granite color, it has a lifelike almost 3D full body image/picture of the dead boy on it! Talk about spooky! If you came up that path at night in a car with headlights on, you would be FREAKED out when you seen this...ghostly image ahead! I think putting even a small picture of the deceased on a tombstone the very least, morbid. But this...this is truly freaky. Then as I looked at other new stones, I found similar images, although most were just half a body image or just the face. Still, is that nuts or what? And I don't even want to imagine how much that kind of stuff must cost! {Of course, I want to be cremated with my remains strewn somewhere in a nature setting, so I guess I'm prejudiced.}

At any rate, I didn't take my camera again today because I haven't figured a way to carry it while riding the bike down that gravel road which jostles terribly. I might just drive my car over there, and take a bunch of photos soon. But I sure am learning a lot about the cemetery and dead folks! I even spotted some tombstones with my maiden name on them, and I didn't think there were any in this area.

I have been soooooo busy today, still sorting, discarding, and rearranging stuff for convenience, etc. However, I did have time to post just a few pictures...though none of the house interior just yet. You can see the most recent ones HERE.

I'm in a bit of a rush, have to start our evening meal. DH will be home soon, and we still have a good deal of things to do around here -- he needs to run phones lines to other rooms, and I have to repot a couple of plants, do some outside care of the shrubs we've set out, etc. before dark. By the way, the mares and colts were doing great when we visited them at my nephews...

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