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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I really, really, really should be working (packing, sorting, etc.) but I just had to write this brief post about one of my all-time favorite authors and provide a link to her website, which I've just found this morning. Erica Jong has always been a treasured novelist in my own life; I read her first two novels when I was in my 20s (Fear of Flying, How to Save Your Own Life) and those largely influenced my own writing efforts. Her female protagonist still amazes me and inspires me to write; and, of course, some of that character was Erica in disguise.

At any rate, I found her site by accident, and spent way too much time browsing and reading. It is truly one of the better author websites, with tips and suggestions for writers, weekly inspirational messages from Erica herself, and forums. Here's something she posted for aspiring writers:

Erica's 20 Rules for Writers

1. Have faith--not cynicism
2. Dare to dream
3. Take your mind off publication
4. Write for joy
5. Get the reader to turn the page
6. Forget politics (let your real politics shine through)
7. Forget intellect
8. Forget ego
9. Be a beginner
10. Accept change
11. Don't think your mind needs altering
12. Don't expect approval for telling the truth -
(Parents, politicians, colleagues, friends, etc.)
13. Use everything
14. Remember that writing is Heroism
15. Let Sex (The Body, the physical world) in!
16. Forget critics
17. Tell your truth not the world's
18. Remember to be earth-bound
19. Remember to be wild!
20. Write for the child (in yourself and others)

There are no rules
Erica Jong

I suggest you drop by for a visit, if you are a writer or just like to read and wonder about a writer's struggles. I'll also put a permanent link at the bottom of this blog.

Now, back to work after this nice interlude! {All is still going according to plan, the move is on for Saturday!}

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