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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hmm, I think I'm about ready to move.

Yesterday afternoon I had the old house all to myself, and it was...peaceful, quiet and I liked it a LOT. When I first arrived, the mare and her colt approached the fence near the driveway. The mare hung her head over the fence, and did a little noise that suggested she wanted a treat ...and right now! Pronto I went into the kitchen, looking for some extra loaf bread or something, and could only find saltine crackers to feed her. But she seemed to like those, and ate most of a pack...though the other horses had to get in on the act, and eat their share too.

It was sorta fun, though I'm not a horse fanatic; however, I AM a critter fanatic, so most creatures rate high on my scale of importance. And a hungry critter...well, I cannot resist them. The mare wasn't really hungry, I'm sure; she's gotten spoiled, since people stop by and sometimes look at them, and I've seen at least two cars parked alongside the fence on the dirt road side, looking, etc. DH has seen signs of carrots and apples being fed to the horses. Heh! Lucky horses!

Anyhow, the sun came out and I got to witness a BEAUTIFUL sunset through the picture window as I painted the interior trimwork. I love seeing the wide, open sky...for here in town, I rarely see the sky. Mostly that's due to so many huge old trees blocking the view, but also other houses crammed side-by-side and back-to-back.

I also painted the last of the wide baseboard trim in the living room, and I am happy to say I'm completely done with ALL the trimwork! However, the bad news is that there's still a bit of sheetrock dust in the plastic, and it seems to have attacked my sinuses as well as my eyes. I've been wearing protective eyewear when I was in the midst of sheetrock dust, but didn't last night and my eyes are red today, sore. We are planning on removing the last of the pastic on the floors either tonight (if we go there to work any) or this weekend. DH suggested we might go there again tonight, and he'd continue working on installing the laminate wood flooring, which looks fabulous so far.

I did get a photo of the picture window and you can see it HERE if you're interested. I'd like to put some flower boxes underneath it soon, which should brighten it up somewhat.

DH and I went to get the Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it was a very QUICK trip; the nearby mall is only about two miles away! As we were preparing to eat, one of my sisters and her husband stopped in. They wanted some advice on an application my nephew is filling out for a position where DH works. My sister was so impressed with the progress of the house, and how great it all looks. She saw it BEFORE we did a single thing to it, and as she said, "It was...kinda rough looking. I didn't know if you two could pull this off, but I'm amazed at how good it all looks!" Nice compliment, yep!

Nothing more from the "problem" and I'm beginning to understand the wisdom in this quote: "Silence is golden." :-)

Our list of 'to-do' before moving is narrowing down, so we are thinking we MIGHT be able to move the weekend of March 6th/7th. Of course, we'll be taking things there before that weekend, and only have the larger stuff to move then. Also, we need to buy a used fridge, since we plan to leave this one here for the renters.

And here's a reader email and my response...that made my day today!

hello Ms. Swann, i am a student doing a paper on your story KISS OF DEATH. I was wondering if you can tell me what made you write this story?

Thank you,

Hello Nicole,
Many thanks for your email. I'd be glad to tell you why I wrote, "Kiss of Death." I actually read a very short paragraph in a factual newspaper article about a man who was seen kissing a lady on the street, and later the man was murdered. It inspired me to wonder "why"...which is the basis of much fiction.

I'd love to read your report on my story, if you care to send it in an email.

Thanks again. I'm always glad to hear from readers!

Cara Swann
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And that's all she wrote today!

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