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Friday, October 31, 2003


True Ghost Stories for Halloween!!

The first story is about an incident that has happened recently regarding the old farmhouse we've bought. I have always, always been attracted to this house, and in fact, twenty years ago we almost bought it and 20 acres. At the time though, we'd only been living in town a couple years, and decided against it. Additionally, the house needed even more extensive renovation then than it does now; the new owner did a lot of that, including tearing down and rebuilding the rock chimney.

At any rate, over the years DH and I would pass by the place occasionally, and both of us would say we probably should have bought the house long ago. After we DID buy the house, I began taking photos soon; one of them turned out to be very spooky looking.

The photo was made of Igor, the miniature donkey, but if you look just above his head, you'll see a red spot shaped like a bat! No kidding. I enlarged that spot, which then seemed to resemble a man's facial features. I don't know what to make of it, but it's possible the digital camera created this distortion -- or not.

You can take a look for yourself at the photo HERE

Do you think this is Sir Dracula, planning a future visit with me? :-) If nothing else, it inspired a good story idea -- which I haven't developed or written yet.

Last night I stayed up an extra hour watching a feature on the Travel Channel about Loretta Lynn's haunted house. It was fascinating, to say the least. You can read about her home and psychic/ghost experiences by clicking on this link:


And lastly, I once also had a very uncanny experience in a graveyard.

DH was researching his genealogy, so we took a trip to South Alabama to visit an old graveyard where one of his great-great-great grandfathers was buried. The newer part of the cemetery was modern, but then way back in some woods we saw the ancient headstones. We had to fight overgrown weeds to get there, but once we did, DH read off the names of his distant relatives.

I took some pictures, and you can see one HERE. The cemetery is in Forkland, Alabama...

Anyway, as I stood there on that hot, still summer day I suddenly heard the distinct sound of horses hooves ... clop, clop, clop... It sounded a bit distant, but definitely horses hooves. I asked DH if he heard it, but he said no.

Occasionally as we walked through the older part of the cemetery, I would hear the horses hooves ... clop, clop, clop...and then the stillness and utter quiet would return.

It gave me chills, so I hurried away back to the newer part of the cemetery...but DH never did hear the mysterious sound. The older part of the cemetery is located in an isolated spot too, with woods all couldn't have been REAL horse sounds. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

---Now to my day: I spent a busy day grocery shopping, running errands and then getting the housework done.

My acid reflux is acting up again, so I bought some Prilosec OTC, and hope that nips it in the bud. I sure don't want a trip to the doctor OR hospital, like I had one time before when this got out of hand. The main problem I have is that my stomach has spasms when I swallow food, and it feels like something is pushing up into the bottom of my esophagus...and it hurts like hell. I tend to avoid eating, though I don't necessarily consider that bad, but I DO NOT like to hurt! I've actually gained up to 95 lbs, but if this problem persists, I'll be back to 90 in no time.

Happy Halloween, kids!

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