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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Sooooo, yesterday was a busy day. I cleaned the loveseat I bought with upholstery cleaner, and that took quite some time! DH left the loveseat on the pickup truck bed, so I climbed onto it, and did the work. The loveseat wasn't very dirty; rather, it just needed the dust removed. Then I washed my car, which had gotten dusty (since we haven't had much rain here in ages!), and ended up mopping the floors. Heh. Sometimes I feel energetic! However, I didn't go on my bike ride, but didn't need the exercise.

After our evening meal, DH and I took the loveseat to the old house. It was terribly heavy, but he used hand-trucks to maneuver it into the house. Then we opened it up, let the bed/mattress air out till we go back there this weekend. The mattress is in excellent shape, and I doubt it was ever even slept on. Nice size bed too, which we may need if we don't have an extra bedroom (and that's still being debated).

The central air/heat crew did some measuring, but it looks like that won't begin till next week at the earliest. That's okay though, since the natural gas line still hasn't been put in -- but hopefully will be next week.

Today I went on my bike ride early, which was pleasant in this PERFECT weather, around 75 and sunny. Then after some household chores, I went to the library...something I don't often do these days. The internet has made it SO easy to find information, I don't use the library like I once did. I found some fiction, and hope it is worth reading (so much isn't these days). And I found three books on "shabby chic-country" interior decorating. Plus, a very good guide book on making simple slipcovers for furniture. DH might be better at doing the slipcover work, once the material is measured/cut, than I am. I recently bought a hot glue-gun though, and hope to use it in this project. At any rate, I'll have plenty to peruse at night while lousy TV programs are on; I rarely watch much TV anymore.

Last night while at the old house, we had all the lights on...making sure everything worked after the electrician's job...and I noticed something streaked on a front room window. Now, I'd just cleaned those last week and KNEW I'd done a better job than that. We looked at it closely, and it turns out to be something sticky, icky running down the windowpane. Once outside, we also notice that there's another splotch of the stuff on the aluminum siding on the porch. Evidently, some kids had thrown something sticky there, splattered it...and boy, did that make DH mad.

I'd been a bit worried that the house being empty would attract mischief, and I sure hope this isn't the beginning of trouble. I cleaned up the mess, which was still very damp; obviously it hadn't been done too long. At any rate, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the community -- although, of course, this is "Halloween Week"...and possibly this was just the work of pranksters, an anomaly due to Halloween coming up tomorrow night. I'm trying to look on the positive side of this -- although having lived in town for over 20 years, there's NEVER been such an incident at this house.

Here's a little weird news event to put a smile on your face:

Plastic Gun Blamed in Capitol Shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House of Representatives was ordered shut down Thursday following reports of a security breach at a congressional office building nearby, but police swiftly determined that a Halloween costume and plastic revolver were to blame.

Capitol police also said they had apprehended a suspect, according to an aide who said he heard the information via a pager system operated by security officials.

Guess Halloween came a little early at Capitol Hill, huh? :-)

Till next time....

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