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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Slept late again yesterday morning, didn't get up till 9:00! But it was raining, and the low thunder sounded so...relaxing that I just slept in. Had a bunch of errands to run in town, got groceries, etc. and did some housework here.

Today I'm planning to head to the "farm" in about an hour. DH is moving his horses there this morning, and should have that all done by noon. It will be so much easier on him/us to take care of them there, and keep an eye on the house/property instead of having to drive the five miles out to where he's been keeping the horses every day.

I need to finish up some cleaning, unpack and put away all the stuff I'm taking (mostly kitchen/bathroom items) so I'll be busy inside the house while DH and my nephew will be working outside. My nephew has turned into quite the horse enthusiast, and has been out to the other place with DH almost every weekend. They ride horses together, etc., and he'll be a big help now at the new place.

Not much else to record today. I did go ride the bike very early, since I got up before 8:00. Nice, crisp air...and sunny day, perfect for biking.

And now I'm off to be a "farmer in the dell"... :-) (Tongue firmly in cheek!)

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