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Monday, October 20, 2003

This will be a busy, busy week! DH is off for vacation, and we plan to spend a great deal of time working at the old house place. We've made some progress already, but have loads to do in the coming weeks/months.

Yesterday afternoon I finally, finally, FINALLY finished all the cleaning in the kitchen/bath, and we can use those rooms now while we're there. Everytime I thought I had something cleaned, I'd have to go over it again -- I've never seen such neglect and lack of basic sanitary upkeep in a house! The remainder of the rooms will be done one at a time, and as we prepare for sanding/painting them. We removed one of the storm windows off the kitchen, cleaned it and improved that a lot. Possibly we will not install new windows, just take off the storm windows and redo the older wood windows. If we want the house to retain its basic style, refurbishing the current windows might be best, though we may purchase new outer storm windows. Haven't decided yet.

DH moved his horses on Saturday morning, and they settled in over the weekend. At first they stood in the pasture nearest the paved highway, seemingly just "watching" the traffic, since the previous pasture had no road exposure. But by yesterday afternoon the five he has (two are small colts) seem to have adapted to the change. DH also moved a lot of lumber, tin, etc. and has already gone there this morning to start putting a new roof on the older barn. I'll go in a short while, though mostly now I'll be working on washing the storm windows and perhaps start sanding woodwork inside the house.

I'm over most of my soreness, and that's good news. Whew, I haven't worked this hard consistently in ages, and it sure has been rough. But it'll all be worth it when the house is ready to move into.

Late yesterday afternoon one of DH's horse buddies and his wife dropped by, and we visited with them for awhile. So we've already had company, and aren't even living there yet.

As we were getting ready to leave yesterday afternoon, I felt more comfortable with the idea of living there eventually. I already love the house, and it will be so much better to have the horses where DH can just walk out the back door and take care of them. Of course, when I have my cats there, and all my own belongings, it'll seem more like "home."

Everyone who sees this place just loves it; they all say the same thing: "It looks and feels like home." I'm sure that is because the house style, and the setting, was very prevalent back in the early 1900s, and most people either had a mother or grandmother who lived in a similar house. However, there are very, very few such houses/homeplaces remaining, and that is one reason I am SURE the value of this place (once refurbished) will continue to increase as time passes.

Enough for today. I have housework to do here, then it's off to the other house to work... Why do I get the feeling two houses are TWICE the trouble/work? :-)

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