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Monday, October 13, 2003

Yesterday I spent all afternoon cleaning in the old farmhouse. And even after those few short hours, I'm getting more fond of the place, and feeling that I CAN eventually make the move there.

I felt MUCH better emotionally last night, and this is sort of what I hoped would happen. I already love the location, the landscape and have always had a special fondness for older farmhouses, and this one reminds me so much of my grandparents' home. I think the more time I spend there, the more effort/work DH and I do, the more I'll begin to adjust to a move. I still have brief moments of doubt, but this is only the very beginning of the transition.

Most of the work I did yesterday was basic cleaning, sweeping, etc. The last renters didn't clean the house after they left, so that helped somewhat. Of course, there will be LOTS of renovation work to do -- and there's no use painting till that is done. Today DH is already there, and someone is coming to give him an estimate about central heat/air, which should help us decide what to do next. We won't put in phone service there until we move, but DH took a compact fridge and small portable TV today, there's a stove already, and we can use the kitchen/bathroom when necessary since I cleaned those well.

DH is also doing lots of outside work, fixing up the old barn for temporary shelter for hay and horses. He plans to build a large barn at some point, but right now his main goal is to get the horses there in a week or so. And he's doing other outside chores too, as he has time.

I was truly pleased at how short the drive is to the place from town. I went in my car yesterday, and it only takes, at most, about 10-15 minutes! And it wouldn't take any longer to get to that nearest mini-mall than it would to drive across town from where we live now for shopping. I have NO doubts about the location; it's absolutely PERFECT.

I'm heading there again later. I need to do some housework here before I go, and we'll spend all afternoon there. DH is off today, and next week he is on vacation -- so we can do other work on that place. I also want to take some pictures of the interior, and had planned to do that yesterday...but my digital camera battery was dead. I replaced it last night, and will get some interior pictures later today, which I'll post for any readers who are curious. It will be good to have BEFORE pictures of the interior too as comparison when we finish the painting, etc.

I am fairly sure that soon this will all just be another part of our life, and I'll come to love the old farmhouse and land as much as I do this place in town. I am not ready to say I'll ever sell this house in town, but perhaps renting it will be an option I can live with. I would say it's one of the most difficult things I've ever done, but without taking a risk sometimes, life gets mighty darn BORING!

As a side effect of all the work, I'm back to 92 lbs. I had gotten up to 94, but now I'm at 92 again. :-) That is good news already!

Till tomorrow...

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