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Thursday, October 16, 2003

I sure made up for the lack of sleep night before last; I didn't get up till 8:30 yesterday morning! When I opened my back door, the two strays I feed regularly were sitting there looking in, as if to say, "Where's the food, you're late!" Usually they don't come onto the porch, but I suppose that was their way of asking for some grub. :-)

I didn't go on the bike ride yesterday morning, because my sister called and we talked for over an hour. Then I had to run errands in town, as well as do a bit of shopping for necessities at the old house. I bought a dishpan, a dish drainer (to use in the sink till we can get a dishwasher installed), some extra paper towels, bath tissue, more drop cloth to cover the carpet, dish liquid, etc. When I got home, I also packed up a bunch of extra stuff I don't use here, like silverware, knives, bowls, plates, glasses, etc. I swear I could furnish TWO houses with all the accumulated junk I've got in this house alone. In order not to keep dragging stuff back and forth, I found enough things to stay permanently there, which will help us during the time we're there working.

We'd like to spend one night there next week, during DH's vacation...but that might not be possible since the central heat/air might be installed then. The estimate was a bit less than we'd expected, so that's good news...but a definite date for starting the installation hasn't been set yet. That will be a huge mess, since the system duct work will be in the attic, with vents in the ceiling -- lots of sheetrock to saw through, creating dust. Until that's done, there's not much point in my doing any more cleaning there. And that's just as well, since I haven't been back since Monday; DH goes almost daily, has been there for the estimates, etc.

This morning I went on my bike ride in the crisp, frigid air -- down to the low 40s last night. Nice ride, and I would miss it if I couldn't ride almost daily. One way or another, I don't plan on giving that up either.

I did a lot of cleaning here yesterday afternoon, moping/waxing floors, scrubbing the bathroom, etc. Just never had much time at the computer to update this blog.

One of my wrists is still sore, and I think I must have sprained it somehow. I'm using an Ace bandage on it when possible, which helps.

I'll close with a quote I disagree with. Essentially, I think the writer has missed the point of computers and the net (progress and growth/learning/greater intellectual development via the electronic world) and seems to forget that there are NO solutions to the plague of problems known as the human condition.

The message [delivered by computers] is that through more and more information, more conveniently packaged, more swiftly delivered, we will find solutions to our problems. And so all the brilliant young men and women, believing this, create ingenious things for the computer to do, hoping that in this way, we will become wiser and more decent and more noble. And who can blame them? By becoming masters of this wondrous technology, they will acquire prestige and power and some will even become famous. In a world populated by people who believe that through more and more information, paradise is attainable, the computer scientist is king. But I maintain that all of this is a monumental and dangerous waste of human talent and energy. Imagine what might be accomplished if this talent and energy were turned to philosophy, to theology, to the arts, to imaginative literature or to education? Who knows what we could learn from such people -- perhaps why there are wars, and hunger, and homelessness and mental illness and anger. --Neil Postman

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