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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Might as well make an entry while I'm uploading the farmhouse pictures to a new online photo album; I'll change the link URL to the right when it's finished, so anyone interested can see the old and new photos. I have a couple of pictures I took last Saturday afternoon -- a cloudy day, but nevertheless, fairly good pictures. I have one of the house front, since we slapped on a quick fresh coat of white paint on the porch. We also washed the windows and front of the house, took off the storm windows (I could NOT endure the nasty windows!). This was just quick-fixes to make the house at least not look so negelected from the road; we will do more as time permits.

I also took some pictures of the house across the road, and looking down the highway to the left and right, so you can see we're basically "country" but still close to city conveniences like shopping at a mini-mall that is just out of sight. No interior pictures yet, but I do have a couple of the artifacts, which will be in a separate folder.

Today I slept late, since I stayed up watching a good movie, "The Right Temptation" last night which I'd recorded. Fairly good, enough so that I actually watched the whole movie. I didn't go on the bike ride early, but did later this afternoon when I got back from shopping. I hit the Salvation Army store, and FINALLY found what I've been looking for there: a used loveseat! It's perfect for the old house living room, and once the fabric is cleaned and I buy some slipcovers for it, the loveseat will be ideal in the living room! I still have to buy a comfy armchair, but this is a good start on furnishing the living room. And I only gave $40.00 for this sofa, which also makes into a bed -- and we'll need it, since we are not going to have an extra bedroom. I found curtains for two rooms, as well as some floral fabric I can use for making slipcovers, or other 'country-look' decor. All-in-all, a cheap but productive shopping trip! (Oh yeah, and money to the Salvation Army, which is a charitable organization too!)

All the electrical work is done, and it cost about $200.00 less than the original estimate. I even had a special heavy-duty plug-in created for my computer in what I'll use as my computer room/study. Hopefully the central heat/air crew will get started on their work tomorrow. Who knows, this all might go faster than we expected.

I have recently found a few new postal pen pals and enjoy them, but it is difficult to make time to write letters. One is a physics/chemistry professor in England, and a fascinating individual; quite an intriquing correspondence too. Remember, if you want my snail mail address, just drop me an email and request it.

Enough for today. I need to finish the online album, and then get to work on other projects.

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